Free2move will help Uber in its goal to convert half of the vehicles available on its platform into EVs by 2025


Free2move and Stellantis collaborate with Uber to boost electrification of vehicles in France. (Credit: HaeB/

Free2move, a mobility tech company owned by the Stellantis Group, is joining forces with Uber to expedite the shift towards the electrification of vehicles in France.

According to Stellantis, Free2move will help Uber in its objective to convert half of the vehicles available on its platform into electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025.

To help drivers make the transition to EVs, Uber has established an electric mobility plan. Under the plan, a financial contribution along with a specialised ecosystem will be offered.

Through the partnership with Free2move, the ride-hailing company will allow drivers to take advantage of flexible solutions to buy or rent EVs from Stellantis.

Uber France general manager Laureline Serieys said: “Free2move has developed attractive offers for both rental formulas and vehicles selection. We are delighted to run this partnership, which strengthens our ability to reach our goal of 50% electric vehicles on the app by 2025.

“With our combined expertise we are making the transition to electric a reality!”

The collaboration between Free2move and Uber in France is said to be part of Stellantis’ plan to cut its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. Stellantis’ ultimate objective is to have 100% electric vehicles operating throughout Europe by 2038.

On the other hand, by 2025, Uber intends to have 100% electric or hybrid vehicles available on its platform.

Free2move CEO Brigitte Courtehoux said: “Our partnership will facilitate greener fleets, to achieve European objectives and accelerate the transition to all-electric vehicles. We are proud to align with Uber and look forward to supporting their drivers with mobility choices today that position us to meet the goals of tomorrow.”

In France, 25% of the vehicles on the Uber platform are currently manufactured by Stellantis.