Compared to previous solutions, the new SoC can help reduce chipset power consumption by up to 70%


Samsung, Marvell develop new system-on-a-chip for advancing 5G networks. (Credit: F. Muhammad from Pixabay)

Samsung Electronics has joined forces with data infrastructure technology provider Marvell to develop a new system-on-a-chip (SoC) for improving the performance of 5G networks.

To be used in Samsung Electronics’ Massive MIMO and other advanced radios, the system-on-a-chip is anticipated to be rolled out to tier-one operators in the second quarter of this year.

According to the partners, the integrated circuit has been designed for helping in implementing new technologies, which enhance cellular radios by boosting their capacity and coverage. At the same time, the chip helps in lowering consumption of power and size.

Equipped to support 5G and also 4G networks simultaneously, the system-on-a-chip can help bring down chipset power consumption by up to 70%, when compared to previous solutions.

Samsung Electronics executive vice president and networks business R&D head Junehee Lee said: “We are excited to extend our collaboration with Marvell to unveil a new SoC that will combine both companies’ strengths in innovation to advance 5G network solutions.

“Samsung prioritises the development of high-impact 5G solutions that offer a competitive edge to our operators. We look forward to introducing this latest solution to the market shortly.”

Marvell and Samsung Electronics are said to have been closely working for delivering multiple generations of network solutions.

In 2020, the firms entered into a collaboration for developing new 5G products. These include innovative radio architectures for addressing the computing power needed for the deployments of Massive MIMO.

Marvell processors business group executive vice president Raj Singh said: “Our collaboration with Samsung spans multiple generations of radio network products and demonstrates Samsung’s strong technology leadership. The joint effort includes 4G and 5G basebands and radios.

“We are again honoured to work with Samsung for the next generation Massive MIMO radios which significantly raise the bar in terms of capacity, performance and power efficiency.”

Earlier this month, Marvell announced that its chips will be included in a Facebook project, aimed at making the deployment of 5G networking equipment easier and cheaper.