’s platform, which is designed for goal-setting and business execution, is said to have been adopted by over 1,000 high-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services businesses in more than 80 countries

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Microsoft acquires to expand its Microsoft Viva portfolio. (Credit: Coolcaesar/

Microsoft has acquired, a Seattle-based provider of objectives and key results (OKR) software, with an aim to boost employee experience by aligning employees’ work with team goals and company mission.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 2018, is a hypergrowth technology company that specialises in goal-setting and business execution.

Its platform extracts specialised data from all the departments and individuals of an organisation into a centralised operating system. Using these, the OKR software provider is said to help create workflows in tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams that are already used by individuals.

So far, the platform is said to have been adopted by more than 1,000 high-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services businesses in more than 80 countries.

Microsoft experiences + devices chief operating officer and corporate vice president Kirk Koenigsbauer, in a blog post, wrote: “The OKR category is a fast-growing and emerging space. is leading the way as one of the most loved tools on the market.

“Customers find the experience flexible, easy to use with quick time-to-value. They appreciate its broad set of integrations with existing work systems.”

The company will join Microsoft Viva family as part of Microsoft’s employee experience platform (EXP), which enables companies in adapting to the new digital work life.

Viva is an employee experience platform. Powered by Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, the platform is said to help organisations promote a culture of human connection, well-being, growth, and success.

The employee experience platform currently has four connected modules, which are connections, insights, topics and learning. will be powering a new Viva module, said Koenigsbauer.

During the next year, Microsoft will invest to move into the Microsoft cloud, evolve the ongoing integrations with Microsoft Teams, and weave it into Viva, Office, Power BI business analytics service, and the larger set of Microsoft 365 apps and services. founder and CEO Vetri Vellore, in a blog post, wrote: “As a part of Microsoft Viva, will continue to give leaders, teams, and individuals the ability to align and focus everyday work to the company’s most important objectives.

“We will help bring goals and purpose to wherever the team is doing work, including Teams, Outlook, Slack, and the other systems you use every day.”