The enterprise-class solution has been developed by the company in collaboration with Supermicro and DDN


The Habana Gaudi HL-205 mezzanine card is part of the AI training solution launched by Habana Labs. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Intel’s Habana Labs has launched a turnkey, enterprise-class artificial intelligence (AI) training solution that features the Supermicro X12 Gaudi AI Training Server and the DDN AI400X2 Storage system.

The AI training system has been developed by Habana Labs in collaboration with server technology provider Supermicro and DDN, an AI data management and storage firm.

The Supermicro X12 Gaudi AI Server is powered by eight Gaudi HL-205 mezzanine cards, dual 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, four hot swappable NVMe/SATA drives, two PCIe Gen 4 switches, and others.

It has up to 8TB of DDR4-3200MHz memory to unlock the full potential of the Gaudi AI processors, said Habana Labs.

The AI processor firm claims that the server gives highly cost-efficient AI training, ease of use, and system scalability to customers.

The AI400X2 appliance from DDN is designed to be a fully-integrated and optimised platform. AI workloads, at any scale, are said to gain simplicity and cost-effective data management from the platform.

Habana Labs said that integrating the Gaudi platform with the DDN AI400X2 appliance removes bottlenecks in storage that are found in conventional network attached storage (NAS storage), while streamlining the utilisation of AI compute capacity.

The company further stated that the fully integrated solution enables customers needing enterprise-class, cost-effective AI training systems with better data management and storage to train more and spend less.

Habana Labs chief business officer Eitan Medina said: “The Habana team is committed to bringing Gaudi’s price performance, usability and scalability to enterprise AI customers who need more cost-effective AI training solutions.

“We are pleased to support our customers with this new turnkey solution that brings the efficiency of the Supermicro X12 Gaudi AI Server together with the data management and storage performance of the DDN AI400X2 system to augment utilisation of AI compute capacity and enable us to address this growing need in training deep learning models.”

The turnkey AI training solution is pre-configured with one, two, and four X12 server options to address the capacity requirements of AI training.

Habana Labs said that the architectures of the SMC X12 Gaudi Server and DDN AI400X2 appliance, which are both scalable, make expansion to larger clusters easy. This allows customers to scale their AI training infrastructure as per the increase in their capacity requirements.

DDN marketing vice president Kurt Kuckein said: “DDN’s customers are frequently seeking to gain a competitive edge by developing and deploying new AI applications.

“Developing a turnkey AI training solution with the Supermicro X12 Gaudi AI Server leveraging the Habana Gaudi processors gives our customers a cost-effective way to jump start their AI projects and allow them to scale seamlessly as their requirements grow.”