The IBM Quantum System One is expected to support Cleveland Clinic to expedite biomedical discoveries


IBM and Cleveland Clinic officially announce the installation of IBM Quantum System One. (Credit: IBM)

IBM and Cleveland Clinic have officially announced the first installation of the IBM Quantum System One at the latter’s multispecialty academic medical centre in Cleveland, Ohio, US.

According to IBM, the onsite quantum computing system managed by the company is the first of its kind private sector machine deployed in the world to contribute to healthcare research.

IBM Quantum System One is expected to support Cleveland Clinic to expedite biomedical discoveries.

The unveiling of the quantum computer is said to be an important part of the 10-year partnership between the two organisations that was announced in 2021.

The partnership aims to fundamentally advance the speed of biomedical research with the help of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum computing.

IBM and Cleveland Clinic began the installation of IBM Quantum System One in October 2022.

Cleveland Clinic CEO and president Tom Mihaljevic said: “This is a pivotal milestone in our innovative partnership with IBM, as we explore new ways to apply the power of quantum computing to healthcare.

“This technology holds tremendous promise in revolutionising healthcare and expediting progress toward new cares, cures and solutions for patients.

“Quantum and other advanced computing technologies will help researchers tackle historic scientific bottlenecks and potentially find new treatments for patients with diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.”

The Discovery Accelerator utilises IBM’s latest advancements in computing technologies, including high performance computing through the hybrid cloud and AI.

By leveraging advanced technologies, researchers from both organisations are working closely together on a wide range of initiatives to develop and analyse vast volumes of data to improve research.

The Discovery Accelerator is powered by an investment of $500m from the State of Ohio, Jobs Ohio, and Cleveland Clinic.

IBM chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna said: “With the unveiling of IBM Quantum System One at Cleveland Clinic, their team of world-class researchers can now explore and uncover new scientific advancements in biomedical research.”

“By combining the power of quantum computing, artificial intelligence and other next-generation technologies with Cleveland Clinic’s world-renowned leadership in healthcare and life sciences, we hope to ignite a new era of accelerated discovery.”