The partnership will see the deployment of HERE Navigation for VinFast’s first three smart electric car models


Entrance to VinFast headquarters, Cát Hải island, Haiphong, Vietnam. (Credit: Nguyễn Khánh Hưng/Wikipedia)

Vietnamese automaker VinFast has partnered with Netherlands-based HERE Technologies to deploy in-car navigation for its smart electric cars.

As part of the collaboration, HERE Navigation application will be deployed for VinFast’s first three smart electric car models VF e34, VF 8, and VF 9.

HERE Navigation is expected to provide a multi-stop route planning based on the charge level of the car for VinFast’s Electric Vehicles (EVs) drivers.

In addition, drivers will be able to see an automatic addition of charging stops if they choose a different route.

To stay charged, EV drivers will also be provided with daily updates to the EV Charge Points POIs, global coverage and up-to-date availability information of EV Charge Points.

According to the company, the features provided by the application will be powered by the HERE EV Charge Points Point of Interest (POIs) and application programming interface (API).

VinFast chief technology officer Hong Sang Bae said: “In the era of connected vehicle, it’s important for us to remain competitive by being agile and flexible with our offerings.

“The services put forth by HERE are outstanding and they offer one of the most customizable, reliable, and accurate navigation systems for electric vehicles.

“Not only are these services cost-effective and highly scalable, they provide our drivers with an upgraded overall navigation and driving experience.

“Thanks to the collaboration with HERE, we are able to carry out our mission to offer one of the best intelligent mobility experiences to our customers.”

To offer smart driving experience, HERE’s software development kit (SDK) will also be integrated into VinFast’s dedicated smartphone mobile application.

The SDK integration is expected to enable users to leverage advanced location services to support their journeys.

With HERE Navigation, VinFast will also be able to simplify infotainment supply chain and development process by utilising the navigation as a service model offered by HERE.

The simplification of the process is expected to allow the company to update and upgrade its navigation offerings with new features and services throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.