The Hyundai Motor unit is planning to develop augmented reality applications for future vehicle and manufacturing operations by leveraging Microsoft’s HoloLens 2


Hyundai Motor Group's Supernal collaborates with Microsoft for advanced air mobility technology. (Credit: PR Newswire/Microsoft)

US-based mobility service provider Supernal, which is a part of the Hyundai Motor Group, has announced a partnership with Microsoft to advance critical technology for advanced air mobility (AAM).

Through the collaboration, Supernal is expected to further bolster digital operations, autonomy, and cloud integration technologies for the aviation industry by running advanced air mobility on the Microsoft cloud platform.

The mobility service provider is expected to utilise Microsoft Azure’s adaptability and cloud computing capacity required to execute secure simulations at scale to expedite the time taken to commercialisation.

Besides, Supernal is planning to develop augmented reality (AR) applications for future vehicle and manufacturing operations by leveraging Microsoft’s mixed-reality headset HoloLens 2.

Supernal CEO and Hyundai Motor Group president Jaiwon Shin said: “In ushering in a new frontier of transportation with Advanced Air Mobility, Supernal has an obligation to ensure safe and secure deployment of eVTOL vehicles.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Microsoft, a software leader, in responsibly advancing AAM autonomous systems and information-sharing.”

In the first stage of the partnership, Microsoft is anticipated to give Supernal early access to Project AirSim, an artificial intelligence (AI)-first simulation platform.

Project AirSim is designed for securely developing, testing, training, and validating autonomous aircraft transportation with the help of simulation.

It offers repositories of pretrained AI models and planet-scale 3D environments representing rural and urban landscapes and a partner ecosystem that provides synthetic data production to expedite aerial autonomy.

The partnership is expected to help Microsoft improve its customer-driven product innovation benefits with Supernal’s industry insights and experiences. It is expected to further allow advanced air mobility companies to test and train simulations.

Microsoft Cloud + AI corporate vice president Ulrich Homann said: “Air transport is a key pillar in the democratization of mobility, connecting more people, goods and places through safe flight experiences.

“With the Microsoft Cloud, Supernal can unlock the computing power it takes to build, validate, and deploy electric air vehicles at scale, spurring the commercialisation of advanced air mobility solutions.”

According to Supernal, Microsoft is a crucial ecosystem partner for the firm to provide complete smart city infrastructure to markets and create a seamless customer journey.