The partnership is expected to help WeRide expedite its on-board application of automotive-grade smart solid-state LiDAR


An autonomous vehicle of WeRide. (Credit: WeRide)

RoboSense, a provider of Smart LiDAR sensor systems, has forged a partnership with Chinese self-driving technology firm WeRide, to promote large-scale commercial application of autonomous driving (AD) technologies.

The collaboration is also aimed at helping WeRide in expediting its on-board application of automotive-grade smart solid-state LiDAR.

RoboSense co-founder and executive president Chunchao Qiu said: “RoboSense has reached in-depth strategic partnership with WeRide, to support WeRide in achieving production and application of autonomous vehicles faster, more efficiently and on a larger scale with our large-scale production and delivery capacity of the leading smart solid-state LiDAR products, and to further deepen the auto industry reform by making pragmatic, bold and innovative efforts as a technology enterprise.”

The partnership will be based on continuous technological innovation, commercial application, and focus on large-scale production. Presently, RoboSense is said to have a tie up with various upstream and downstream partners in the industry for integrating advantageous resources and creating a complete supply chain.

RoboSense and WeRide are expected to continue deepen industrial integration by means of technological innovation to offer an autonomous driving travel experience for consumers that is safer, more comfortable, convenient and normalised.

WeRide founder and CEO Tony Han said: “With the strong support from RoboSense, WeRide gained rich experience in the application of solid-state LiDAR to autonomous vehicles and formed ideal solutions.

“The sensor kit has been further optimised in terms of size and power consumption, while maintaining consistent accuracy, stability and safety in handling increasingly complex urban traffic conditions in China. This gives our next-generation SAE L2-L4 autonomous driving solution a strong competitive edge.”

Last week, WeRide released a new generation of autonomous driving sensor suite called WeRide Sensor Suite 5.0. The company said that its Robotaxi fleet equipped with the new sensor suite has been tested fully and has commenced trial operation.

In May 2022, the Level 4 autonomous driving technology company secured an undisclosed investment from Bosch. The parties also agreed to jointly develop autonomous driving software.