The auto maker will use Amap’s 3rd-gen in-car navigation system for its P7 smart EV sedan for navigation assisted autonomous driving


XPeng deploys Amap 3rd-gen in-car navigation system. (Credit: Business Wire)

Chinese smart electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng has announced that it will deploy a Surrounding Reality (SR) display in one of its smart electric vehicle (EV) models for autonomous driving.

The company will use Amap’s 3rd-generation in-car navigation system that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) visual technology and high precision maps to deliver highly accurate lane-level navigation.

XPeng plans to deploy Amap’s in-car navigation system in its P7 smart EV sedan for navigation assisted autonomous driving.

The 3rd-generation in-car navigation system from Amap, China’s major mapping, navigation, and  location-based services provider, is developed to deliver co-guidance for both vehicle and driver.

The system operates as both an infotainment and autonomous driving feature, as it combines navigation with high-precision maps to track both road and individual lanes.

Currently, Amap’s real-time road condition updates cover more than 360 cities and 95% of the highway network across China.

XPeng vice president Xinzhou Wu said: “The strong partnership between XPeng and Amap developed the NGP function that adds extraordinary value to users.

“The NGP seamlessly incorporates high-precision maps into autonomous driving, coordinating the maps with perception and planning, and delivers the outcome at the user interface level.

“We will further deepen this partnership to lead the smart EV transformation and to optimize our customers’ driving experience.”

XPeng integrates Amap’s navigation information with NGP function

To provide drivers with a clear SR 3D rendering display, XPeng has integrated Amap’s navigation information with its Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) function.

Recently, the company has unveiled the beta version of its highway autonomous driving solution NGP during media road tests in Guangzhou, China.

The NGP function enables the display of the status of a vehicle and its surrounding environment in 3D rendering on the central panel to improve the user’s driving experience.

By integrating real-time data of Amap’s high precision maps, the SR autonomous driving display is said to provide an enhanced experience of lane-level navigation assisted autonomous driving.

XPeng said that the new SR display for autonomous driving functions offers enhanced presentation of the vehicle status to the driver for safety.

The display shows the conditions that require the driver’s intervention by clearing defining the boundaries.