Through the acquisition, SAP expects to bolster its ability to help businesses in taking better-informed decisions by utilising natural language searches driven by artificial intelligence, while empowering users to search, interact and collaborate on live data for maximising business insights

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SAP announces acquisition of Askdata. (Credit: SAP AG / Stephan Daub)

German tech major SAP has acquired Askdata, a search-driven analytics company, for an undisclosed price.

Askdata was established out of American technology startup accelerator Y Combinator in 2019. The startup enables users to interact with data through natural language.

It leverages all the existing data and analytics platforms of clients for creating a personalised experience via natural language and proactive insights.

By using Askdata’s natural language querying technology, users can ask questions regarding their connected data instantly. The company’s proprietary Human2SQL algorithm is claimed to improve itself with every single search.

Askdata’s personalised experience is said to be available in various languages. Without moving data, the personalised experience connects live to source applications while retaining the entire business context for returning meaningful answers as well as proactive insights.

Through the acquisition, SAP expects to bolster its ability to help businesses take better-informed decisions by making use of artificial intelligence (AI) driven natural language searches.

SAP said that its users will now have the capability of searching, interacting, and collaborating on live data for maximising business insights.

SAP president and SAP HANA database and analytics chief product officer Irfan Khan said: “The data and analytics market is evolving, and it is imperative that we provide simpler user experiences that will empower casual users to be able to make data-driven decisions independently.

“The ability to cater to a wide range of user profiles will be the primary driver of data and analytics adoption. Askdata provides SAP with a path to lead this transition to the benefit of our customers.”

Askdata employs AI technology for processing natural language. This enables users in answering to any data question through a simple search, said SAP.

In a simpler way, users can interact with data, without the need of learning a self-service analytics product. This lets them quickly get maximum value from data, said SAP.

The intellectual property (IP) of Askdata will become part of SAP business technology platform. It is expected to contribute to a next-generation lightweight analytics experience for the customers of SAP Analytics Cloud solution and to line-of-business applications.