The global partnership will see iManage tap Microsoft Azure’s cloud technology to bring edge cloud computing to customers in order to offer them a modern work experience with improved security

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Microsoft to help iManage deliver innovative solutions for driving better outcomes for the legal profession and knowledge workers. (Credit: Coolcaesar/

IManage, a document and email management platform, has forged a partnership with Microsoft to harness the latter’s cloud technology to deliver innovative solutions for driving improved outcomes for the legal profession and knowledge workers.

Based in the US, iManage is said to combine artificial intelligence (AI), security, and risk mitigation with its document and email management to transform how professionals in legal, accounting, and financial services get their work done.

The company is claimed to automate regular cognitive tasks. It also offers insights and optimises how professionals work.

By using Microsoft Azure, iManage is expected to offer edge cloud computing to customers in order to give them a modern work experience with increased security.

The partnership will see a deep integration of Microsoft 365 and iManage Work 10, a document and email management application that helps professionals in managing information more productively and securely.

Microsoft US global partner solutions CVP Tyler Bryson said: “iManage shares our commitment to modern work and we are at the beginning of an exciting new era for how technology will enable and shape the way professionals work.

“Together with iManage, we are harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure to deliver innovative, frictionless user experiences that enable professionals to collaborate and communicate with utmost security.”

The partnership between iManage and Microsoft is aimed at benefitting customers in four key areas of digital transformation, collaborative work, data security, and product innovation.

IManage will leverage Microsoft Azure services to offer new functionality for enabling new ways to completely manage global projects and coordinate knowledge work among distributed teams.

The company will work closely with Microsoft on product roadmaps and go-to-market activities to benefit from their respective expertise and capabilities. The former will get early adoption to new Microsoft features, which will expedite the delivery of important innovations to customers.

iManage CEO and founder Neil Araujo said: “This partnership will have a direct impact on customers, enabling them to modernise the experience for the end-users and simplify governance and security as customers move their workloads to the cloud.

“Further it enables customers to benefit from Microsoft investment in Microsoft 365, Collaboration, and Microsoft Azure in ways that meet the specific user and governance requirements of professional services firms.”