The solutions will enable organisations to gain increased visibility into their equipment performance and asset conditions

Electrical engineer while working laptopl

Electrical engineer while working laptopl. (Credit: IBM)

US-based technology company IBM has partnered with global engineering firm Black & Veatch to offer artificial intelligence (AI) driven monitoring solutions for industrial, energy and utilities assets.

As part of the collaboration, the two companies intend to jointly market Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions, including remote monitoring technologies.

By combining near real-time data analytics with AI, the solutions are expected to enable customers to improve the performance and reliability of their equipment and assets.

The remote monitoring solutions are aimed at allowing operators and engineers to gain increased visibility into their equipment performance and asset conditions.

The collaboration will focus on solutions that integrate Black & Veatch Asset Management Services (AMS) and digital analytics with IBM Maximo Application Suite, which includes Assist, Monitor, Health, Predict and Visual Inspection capabilities.

The Maximo Application Suite’s capabilities are expected to combine Black & Veatch monitoring and diagnostics expertise and data analytics with maintenance management.

Using Black & Veatch’s digital twin asset models, the partnership is also expected to expand the IBM Digital Twin Exchange.

Black & Veatch asset management services vice president and director Dave Brill said: “Digital twins will be a necessary part of the industrial sector’s digital future because of the detailed understanding they provide and expert analysis they enable for complex assets.

“The IBM Digital Twin Exchange can make this level of understanding more accessible by connecting customers in asset-intensive industries and in need of digital twins with members of IBM’s rapidly growing partner ecosystem that can share their models.

“As part of this collaboration, Black & Veatch plans to develop digital twin asset models to sell through the Digital Twin Exchange, expanding the library’s inventory.”

As part of the collaboration, IBM’s software, AI and machine learning expertise will be combined with Black & Veatch’s engineering capabilities to offer solutions that help organisations to prioritise alerts and decisively plan their actions.

The integrated solutions will provide a handful of actionable escalations and help in the reduction of thousands of incoming data points.

Models developed by Black & Veatch’s are used to train IBM’s AI to help detect anomalies and support monitoring at scale.