Dentii smart toothbrush

The Dentii smart toothbrush connects to an iPhone app

Brushing teeth has never been more hi-tech as a London dentist unveils Dentii, a smart toothbrush that offers a revolutionary approach to oral hygiene by providing feedback on even brushing techniques


We already have smart homes, smart meters and smart watches – now even toothbrushes are being equipped with the next generation of technology.

London dentist Dr Sunny Sihra has taken a revolutionary approach to the oral hygiene issue found in toothbrush heads and designed a £43 smart toothbrush.

Named Dentii, the luxury smart toothbrush will apparently be the world’s first brush capable of accumulating data in order to provide results and feedback for better technique – while helping connect users to their dentists.

Research by University of Manchester suggests the average toothbrush could contain 10 million bacteria or more, including E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

But Dr Sihra, who has raised more than £40,000 on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to launch the device, believes its interchangeable heads will help users remain healthy when brushing their teeth.

Dentii smart toothbrush
The Dentii smart toothbrush connects to an iPhone app

Oral healthcare being left behind


He said: “As a dentist, it concerns me that while the rest of the world has moved on with technology, transforming almost every area of health and fitness, the oral healthcare market has hardly changed.

“Even my own patients are using products designed decades ago.

“By bringing together innovative technology, revolutionary design, fine materials and functionality, we’re providing patients with a truly innovative, unique and exclusive cleaning experience.

“It’s not just aesthetically pleasing but represents a world first in this business sector.”

Dr Sihra, who has worked alongside designer David Fowler, of London-based design agency Indev hopes the high-tech Dentii brushes will set new standards for oral hygiene across the world.

“This innovation represents a new era of oral care products that will make a significant contribution to the global oral care market, which is set to grow 16% to £31bn in the next five years,” he added.

Dentii smart toothbrush
Dentii smart toothbrush

What makes it smart?

The smart brush connects via an iPhone app and will have the power to digitally map the geometry of a patient’s mouth, while making a note of the paths and pressure.

Not only does it work using a single-use, interchangeable brush head, removing all bacteria after each use – it will also be the first toothbrush to help people spot any early signs of oral health issues.

With regards to health signs, Dr Sihra is now looking into the world’s first oral cancer screening tool.


Luxury designs

Manufactured by Anodised Aluminium, the brushes will be available in gold, silver and rose gold – the bases are designed with a bespoke range of wood finishes.

For its travel range, Dentii will also offer manual toothbrushes and travel cases in a variety of wood finishes.

Given that the whole system will be subscription-based, users will have choices from three categories including complimentary, professional and premium.

  • Complimentary package consumer will receive full access to the Dentii app, which features feedback on the user’s brushing technique, timings for each brush and statistics on the overall oral health of the user.
  • Professional subscription from Dentii, the user will be sent biodegradable brush heads, toothpaste and mouthwash on a weekly basis.
  • Premium service will provide the user with all products featured in the professional subscription, with additional accessories including inter-dental brushes, a flossing handle and biodegradable floss heads.