The collaboration will involve the usage of data science to improve access to care and health outcomes


CVS Health currently leverages Azure cognitive services that automate tasks. (Credit: CVS Health)

US-based healthcare company CVS Health has partnered with Microsoft to develop innovative solutions to boost personalised care for customers.

CVS Health owns CVS Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy chain; CVS Caremark, a pharmacy benefits manager; and Aetna, a health insurance provider, among other brands.

The collaboration is expected to enable CVS Health to speed up a data-driven customer experience and comply with its patient privacy and confidentiality policies.

It is also aimed at equipping over 300,000 CVS Health employees with tools to provide enhanced services.

With Microsoft Teams and Office products, CVS Health’s retail employees will be able to easily gain important information that is required to solve customer needs quickly.

CVS Health chief information officer Roshan Navagamuwa said: “We are rapidly transforming into a consumer-centric, integrated health solutions company, taking a digital-first, technology forward approach to all that we do.

“Business services at this scale requires a new level of partnership. Our collaboration with Microsoft will accelerate this work and empower our employees to provide quality care that is more personal and affordable.”

The partnership will allow CVS Health to expand retail loyalty and personalisation programmes, which use advanced Machine Learning models running on Microsoft’s cloud computing service Azure.

To support CVS Health in speeding up its digital transformation, the cloud platform is expected to expand the company’s multi-cloud presence to more than 1,500 new and existing business applications in Azure cloud.

Currently, CVS Health leverages Azure cognitive services like Computer Vision and Text Analytics for Health to automate tasks.

As part of CVS Health’s technology-driven digitalisation programme, Microsoft is expected to continue to partner with the healthcare company to simplify processes.

The collaboration will involve the usage of data science to improve access to care and health outcomes.

The two companies also intend to explore the deployment of innovative technology solutions, including Microsoft HoloLens, Dynamics 365 Guides, and Remote Assist to simplify complex procedures for CVS Health employees.

Microsoft’s chief commercial officer Judson Althoff said: “We are excited to partner with CVS Health on its digital transformation journey, collaborating together on how the company manages health data at scale, improves the customer experience, and drives operational efficiency.

“With the Azure platform and its AI capabilities, we will combine the power of data, the expansive reach of CVS Health’s world-class solutions, and Microsoft Teams to connect health care experts and create customised care and services that enable people to live healthier lives.”