French recruitment platform Brigad, now available in London, gives hospitality businesses instant access to verified and qualified temporary staff - and sorts out automatic payment with no contracts

Hospitality staff

The on-demand staffing marketplace for the hospitality industry Brigad has launched its online platform in London.

The online platform aims to address the main problems facing recruitment with an “effortless and effective solution” for connecting businesses with verified and qualified workers.

Hospitality companies can request staff via an app or online, and are instantly matched with “Brigaders” best suited to their request based on relevant experience and skill set.

Candidates receive offers of shifts straight to their smartphones, which also provides a calendar to help manage their availability.

Payments are automatically transferred from the company to the employee within seven days of completing the job without needing to sign a contract, and they can rate each other.

Florent Malbranche, co-founder and CEO of Brigad

Brigad CEO and founder Florent Malbranche said: “We believe that Brigad sits at the intersection of freelance and permanent contracts.

“While permanent staff are an asset to any organisation, there is always a requirement for temporary freelancers to counter short-term absence, increased business activity or a lack of experience amongst current staff.

“Brigad provides the ideal environment for establishments to interact with an experienced ecosystem of freelancers.”


Brigad facilitates wide range of work shifts

Since it launched in Paris and Lyon, France, in 2016, Brigad has quickly provided restaurants, caterers and bars with access to temporary staff – who work shifts ranging from a few hours to days.

It wants to make the recruitment process easier for its staff and clients by taking care of selecting meetings for the businesses.

Brigad logo

The French company has received six million euros in funding from investors including Square Capital and 50 Partners.


It has already secured clients, announcing that London restaurant chain Caravan will be the first to use the platform in the UK.


Tackling hospitality staff shortage after Brexit

As a consequence of Brexit, the hospitality industry is expected to create a deficit of more than a million workers by 2029, according to accounting firm KPMG.

Mr Malbranche said: “The demand for staff is guaranteed to rise in London with the likely fallout from Brexit expected to create a deficit of more than a million workers by 2029.

“Pressure on recruitment coupled with the natural turnover of the catering sector, are key factors for Brigad’s decision to launch in London.”