The two companies which have been collaborating since 2018 will now emphasise on powering Accenture’s new MxDR service with Google Cloud’s security-specific generative AI, designed to integrate with the mostly used security technology platforms and other clouds


Accenture announces the expansion of its global partnership with Google Cloud. (Credit: Maksym Kozlenko/Wikimedia Commons)

Accenture has expanded its global partnership with Google Cloud to help organisations better safeguard critical assets and bolster security against the constant threat of cyberattacks.

Together, Accenture and Google Cloud are said to be offering the infrastructure, security expertise, and technology that businesses require to create robust security programmes that are resilient and sustain confidence in their readiness.

The parties have collaborated since 2018 to assist companies around the globe to enhance their operations by using Google Cloud’s technology in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, machine-learning (ML) as well as cybersecurity to strengthen their digital foundations.

According to Accenture, the expanded partnership will emphasise on powering its new managed extended detection and response (MxDR) service with Google Cloud’s security-specific generative AI.

MxDR leverages Google’s Chronicle platform to help its security teams to improve their capabilities to identify, probe, and respond to cyber threats.

Another area of focus for the partnership is on providing crisis management, response to incidents, and threat intelligence by Accenture and Google’s cybersecurity subsidiary Mandiant. This is expected to bring both firms’ experience and capabilities together into a single service.

The collaboration will also aim to provide complete proactive cybersecurity services to companies that operate on any cloud or multi-cloud infrastructure.

Google Cloud GM and cloud security VP Sunil Potti said: “Accenture and Google Cloud share a vision for helping enterprises modernise their security positions by combining the most advanced security technology with the world’s leading security experts.

“Accenture’s new MxDR service is now powered by Chronicle’s world-class security operations, Mandiant’s leading threat intelligence, and new security-specific generative AI capabilities, which will help businesses defend against the most sophisticated cyber threat actors.”

Accenture said that as part of the partnership, it is improving its adaptive detection and response offering and MxDR service by incorporating new capabilities and technologies.

Accenture security global lead Paolo Dal Cin said: “Enterprises are rapidly transforming, and they need cyber resilience at the core of their digital journeys to protect their businesses and grow with trust and confidence.

“We’re bringing the best expertise and capabilities from Accenture Security, Google Cloud and Mandiant together to help our clients achieve the cyber resilience level their businesses need in today’s cyber threat landscape. When powered by generative AI, our integrated cybersecurity services should enable a new level of cyber resilience, with greater scale, speed and effectiveness.”