Recent data shows that as temperatures soar, so does pink tax on gender specific holiday products.

That women pay more than men for certain goods is by no means a new story.

In fact, the term pink tax is a moniker that relates to the practice of retailers pricing female products as more expensive than their male counterparts.

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Furthermore, new research highlights how this discrepancy also influences holiday spending.

A recent survey involving 754 women and 623 men compared the prices of the same types of products sold to men and women during the summer period.

It found that women pay more by a staggering £20.50. This difference equates to a 21% gap.

Pink tax a symptom of gender equality

Pink tax - Compelo

Furthermore, women spend more on items such as razors, than men.

In one example, a packet of eight female razors cost  £2.69, while a 10 pack for males cost £1.24. Retailers argue that these types of products are gender specific. However, the difference is down to marketing.

Furthermore, some even argue that shaving is something that men have to do, while it’s a luxury for women.

Martin Smith is the MD of Showers to You, the company behind the study.

Pink tax - Compelo
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In light of the survey’s results, he comments:

“The claim that men needing to shave as a necessity as oppose to women is ludicrous. The way products are marketed these days has got out of hand, the only difference in the two disposable razors seems to be the colour.

What is more, is that there is a zero-tax rate in the UK regarding male razors, yet there is still a tampon tax. Whilst individual retailers have been decreasing the price of their products, brands hold a responsibility over how much they are supplying their products for.

Not to mention, action can and should be taken by MP’s and more authoritative figures”.

However, there are some companies such as Tesco which have started to cut down their prices to make them more gender neutral.

Infographic courtesy of Showers to You

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