From luxury to total wilderness, which of these unusual hotels tickles your fancy?

In the fight to stand out from the crowd, some hotels take things further than others. Here’s a selection of resorts that have pushed boundaries to create unique experiences for their guests.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland

Offering spectacular panoramic views of snowy treetops, these uniquely designed suites offer an alternative way to view the Northern Lights.unusual hotelsThis unusual hotel consisting of cubic chalets with huge, north facing windows clings to a hillside on the Arctic Circle, 2km from Santa Claus village.

Combining Lappish heritage and modern Scandinavian culture, this striking resort is the perfect escape for those looking to experience something totally unique.

The Manta Resort

Pemba Island, Tanzania

Stay in an underwater bedroom at the Manta resort and sunbathe on the top deck by day, then admire sea life swimming lazily by at night.

Located 250m from shore, the Swedish designed floating room takes two minutes to access by boat. Meal times are decided by you, and a mobile phone is provided for any assistance.unusual hotelsWith a security guard anchored on a buoy not far from the room, guests are left alone to totally indulge in tranquility.

Glass windows provide almost 360 degrees viewing and in darkness, underwater spotlights attract curious sea creatures from octopus to Spanish dancers.

Of these unusual hotels, this is the perfect choice for those of you who are mermaids or mermen at heart.

Free Spirit Spheres

Vancouver Island, Canada

Why not take glamping to the next level? These spherical treehouses at this unusual hotel are placed carefully among the coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island.unusual hotelsAspiring to provide a haven for guests to experience a natural forest environment, these outlandish looking pods allow you to hang between the branches of one of Canada’s most spectacular areas.

If suspending in a quirky looking orb sounds like the ideal retreat for you, get booking.


Canyon Point, Utah, USA

Hidden within the pink canyons of the American Southwest, Amangiri offers adrenaline stimulating adventures as well as peaceful tranquillity.

This resort embraces the raw contours of the surrounding dunes and mountainous ridges.
unusual hotels

Including a desert view spa and dining rooms with floor to ceiling windows, the Amangiri is truly unique.

As the most luxurious of these unusual hotels, rooms come with a hefty price tag. However critics agree that this Utah hideaway is well worth the fee.

Treehouse Lodge Resort

Iquitos, Peru

Only accessible via an hour-long boat ride from Iquitos, a visit to Peru’s Treehouse Lodge resort isn’t for the feint hearted.

unusual hotels
Treehouse Lodge Resort, Peru

Guests stay in treehouses built high in the canopy of the Amazon rainforest, waking each morning face to face with monkeys and birds native to the luscious environment.All treehouses are equipped with bathroom and showing facilities, and the communal restaurant area is a small ropebridge trip away.

For those of you concerned about diving into the wilderness, fear not – the lodge provides a professional guide for each group and mosquito nets galore.

What could be more fun than a stay in this unusual hotel in the Peruvian rainforest?

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