A new app monitors the habits of its users and notifies them of their environmental impact to help them make climate-friendly changes to their lifestyle

The Eevie app hopes to promt people to make small sustainable changes to their lives in order to combat climate change

The Eevie app hopes to prompt people to make small sustainable changes to their lives in order to combat climate change

Eco-based app Eevie promises to help users recycle more waste, reduce meat consumption and take sustainable transport by using AI to track their carbon footprint.

The smartphone app encourages users to make small adjustments to their lifestyle, which will help create positive impacts on the environment.

And with research showing 61% of people in the UK are increasingly concerned about climate change and 42% are unclear on what action they can take — Eevie could offer a solution.

The app hopes to address the knowledge gap by reaching some of the people inspired by global climate protests and help them make individual changes that benefit the wider environment.

Eevie CEO Antonius Willms said: “In recent months, public concern about the environment has soared to record levels.

“The problem is that people want to fix the climate but don’t know where to begin, or if their efforts will even have a meaningful impact.

“Change is hard. We may want to lead more eco-aware lives, but in the rush we often forget to do so.”

Willms compares the app to an “ever-present coach” that helps give daily reminders and encourages the users to make more eco-friendly decisions.


How the Eevie app addresses eco-anxiety?

Founded by Antonius Willms, Lennart Paar and Dr. Raphael Ferretti, the Eevie app is a response to heightened awareness of climate emergency fears, and subsequent feelings of impotency that many experience over such a global issue.

Alarming news stories and statistics highlighting the crisis facing the planet have led to a surge in people reportedly suffering from “eco-anxiety” — a state of existential dread suffered by those feeling helpless in the face of climate change.

Eevie app
Eevie helps users to save energy, reduce water waste, reuse plastic and eat less meat through its habit-tracking app (Credit: Eevie)

Eevie’s founders claim their goal is to help people lead more sustainable lives and feel like they’re making a difference by tracking their daily activities.

According to the app: “If everyone reaches a ‘4 tonnes CO2 lifestyle’ by 2025, we will prevent global heating from surpassing a 2C increase and the consequent climate catastrophe.”

The app tracks 20 lifestyle choices, from shopping habits to travel and diet.

Using machine learning, it then identifies the user’s activities — such as when they are shopping or commuting to work — and provides alternative sustainable options and real-time updates on their progress to reaching a personal 2025 goal.

Encouragement also comes from a social element, where friends can share tips on the app and compare their overall impact scores.

Willms added: “Just as Fitbit managed to get millions of people to move more by tracking their steps, we want to get millions of people to live more sustainably by tracking their daily activities.”