By leveraging CGG’s algorithm and expertise in HPC, Biosimulytics is expected to fully scale its pharmatech platform, which provides predictive simulation capability while developing new drug molecules


CGG wins contract to provide HPC cloud solutions from Biosimulytics. (Credit: fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay)

CGG has won a contract from Irish pharma software company Biosimulytics to provide high-performance computing (HPC) cloud solutions for the latter’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered drug development.

Under the contract, the France-based company will offer a completely customised HPC, AI, and cloud solution to Biosimulytics.

By leveraging CGG’s algorithm and expertise in HPC, Biosimulytics is expected to fully scale its pharmatech platform.

Biosimulytics’ platform provides pharmaceutical companies globally with a predictive simulation capability while developing new drug molecules.

CGG said that the pharma software firm’s approach reduces the time to market and the risks for major developments in the pharmaceutical sector in getting from molecules to medicine (M2M).

Besides, Biosimulytics’ approach is said to be a significant enabling technology for the new era of precision medicine.

CGG HPC and cloud solutions executive vice president Agnès Boudot said: “After successfully establishing our cloud services offering in the energy, energy transition and mining sectors, where more than 30 external clients are currently directly accessing and using CGG Cloud solution services for delivering insights into their data, we are pleased to expand into the healthcare and life sciences market by supporting Biosimulytics in using AI- and HPC-based technologies to help unlock new and improved therapies faster and more cost efficiently.”

The custom solution from CGG is expected to fulfil Biosimulytics’ specialised requirements for a high-performing HPC and AI environment that streamlines its portfolio of specialised molecular simulation applications from crystal structure prediction (CSP) to structure-based drug design (SBDD).

Compared to its previous public cloud solution, Biosimulytics can now operate applications at least five times faster. This significantly increases its return on investment for the pharmatech firm and helps grow its business, said CGG.

Biosimulytics CEO Peter Doyle said: “The AI drug development space is now at an inflection point and the market is expected to exceed US$10bn by 2030 growing at a CAGR of 25%.

“Our ambition is to enable the global pharma industry to advance potential molecules to approved medicines quicker and with a much greater probability of success by making AI-powered predictive technology much more accessible and affordable for widespread use by everyone from Big Pharma to small emerging biotech companies.”

Headquartered at NovaUCD in Dublin, Biosimulytics is a spin-out company of University College Dublin (UCD), which is backed at national and European levels.