Steve Wozniak invented the Apple computer, but Steve Jobs got most of the credit. He got most of the financial gain too, while the Steve Wozniak net worth lagged behind.

Inspiring inventor Steve Wozniak is the man that made Apple possible.

Even following his passing, Steve Jobs remains the face of Apple. Yet, without Wozniak he wouldn’t have had a product to sell. While Jobs excels in innovation and marketing, Wozniak is the more technically able of Apple’s founders.

However, despite his role in creating the world’s most valuable company, relative to his success, Wozniak isn’t very rich.

Steve Wozniak net worth - Compelo

What is the Steve Wozniak net worth?

Upon his death in 2011, Steve Jobs was estimated to be worth $10.2 billion. In comparison, the Steve Wozniak net worth is thought to be approximately $100 million – less than 1% of Job’s wealth.

While much of Jobs’ wealth came from the sale of Pixar Animation Studios to Disney, he did make a considerably larger amount from Apple than his fellow co-founder.

Steve Wozniak net worth - Compelo

The reason for this is due to Wozniak’s reluctance to see Apple’s early employees go unrewarded for the part that they played in turning Apple into a major company. When Jobs refused to award shares to these employees ahead of Apple’s 1980 IPO, Wozniak gave away some of his own.

Yet, despite his measly cut of Apple’s $500 billion market cap, Wozniak insists that he values the impact that he has made on the tech industry far above any sort of monetary gain.

Steve Wozniak net worth - Compelo
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Steve Wozniak’s many aliases

Nicknames are common in the tech world’s hacker culture. Congregating in online hangouts and often snooping in places that they shouldn’t be, many tech legends have picked up aliases along the way.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates is Trey, while Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is Zuck, Princely and Slayer. Apple whizz Steve Wozniak also has his fair share of alternative titles.

The Woz

People refer to Wozniak as ‘Woz’, ‘The Woz’ or ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Woz’ around the Apple office. This is a shortened version of his surname. Wozniak also decided to call his new company ‘Wheels of Zeus’, or WOZ for short.

The Second Steve

Wozniak might be behind Steve Jobs in the Apple pecking order, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much. He has gladly taken on the nickname ‘The Second Steve’.

Evets Kainzow

When he isn’t inventing, Wozniak can be found playing his GameBoy. As a Tetris pro, he would often send his scores into the Nintendo Power Magazine. After beating his own high-score multiple times, they refused to print it, so he submitted under ‘Evets Kainzow’ (his name backwards) and it stuck.

Berkeley Blue

Most people in the tech industry experimented with hacking during their youth. Jobs and Wozniak were no different. Operating under their hacker aliases ‘Berkeley Blue’ (Wozniak) and ‘Oaf Tobar’ (Jobs), the pair would hack phone booths to make free long-distance calls.

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