Whether you’re a coffee purist or a die-hard Frappuccino fan, the astonishing Starbucks net worth will boost your intrigue.

For many, this maker of creative coffee is all about the next big twist on standard drinks.

Think about their famed Frappuccino.

Whether hated or loved, it’s a huge influencer in coffee culture.

It’s a hybrid of the Greek and French frappe (a partly frozen beverage), and the Italian cappuccino.

As such, Starbucks continues to be famous for its novel blend of the traditional and the innovative.

Starbucks net worth - Com

Furthermore, its business strategy is accentuated by welcoming non-coffee drinkers into the fold.

Thus, consumers also have the choice of blended and frozen drinks that contain no caffeine.

But what’s the story behind the company?

And what on earth does Starbucks even mean?

Starbucks net worth - Com

The high seas and Starbucks net worth

Not many people know about the profound influence that the sea has on Starbucks.

Zev Siegl, Gerald Baldwin and Gordon Bowker created the global coffeehouse in 1971.

However, none of them had the foggiest idea about business.

In the words of Siegl, for them “making a ton of money wasn’t on the table”.

So, they powered their vision by passion alone, and looked to the ocean for inspiration.

Starbucks net worth - Com

Don’t call me Ishmael

The coffee trade’s nautical connections was of prime importance to the trio. Additionally, their first shops were in Seattle, a city with a long seaport history.

Moby Dick also became a valuable source of knowledge for the would-be entrepreneurs.

They named their company after Starbuck, a minor character in the epic tale. No doubt his name receives more notoriety than Herman Melville ever thought.

Furthermore, the logo for the international franchise is also connected to the sea.

The Siren, the crowned-female synonymous to the brand, is a double-tailed mermaid from a 16th century Norse woodcut.

Starbucks net worth - Com

Siren song

Over 40 years later, the logo is still pretty much the same.

Thus, the Siren is more than just another pretty face.

For Starbucks, she is the core of its identity. Through her, it has grown from a purveyor of coffee beans. It’s even more than a coffee house.

Starbucks has captured the imagination of many who visit its international locations. As such, its net worth is $87.54bn (£67.83bn).

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