Your dream office space is cheaper than you think. Swap your office in the middle-of-nowhere for a spot in The Shard.

Amid the business world’s digital revolution, many entrepreneurs and startups are ditching expensive offices in favour of remote working.

And yet, despite the convenience of working from home, sometimes your bedroom just isn’t an appropriate place to do business.

Starting out in business can be difficult for new entrepreneurs, particularly so if you lack industry connections or experience. However, the right office space can make all the difference.

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The importance of high-quality office space

It’s important that you have an attractive place to house your business, particularly so if you will be dealing with clients.

You might be great at what you do, but you will undoubtedly be judged on your environment. A dingy office in the middle of nowhere doesn’t portray professionalism and that judgement will likely reflect on both you and your brand. Ultimately, clients will be reluctant to work with you and your attempt to cut costs could end up costing you your business.

Likewise, you will also face a similar situation when it comes to expanding your team. When interviewing for a new job, much of our perception of the company involved comes from their office space. A bad office space is likely to turn the best talent off, regardless of the perks on offer. Even if they were to join, the impact that low quality offices have on productivity and happiness will stop them from doing their best work.

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Of course, it is understandable why many companies avoid luxury offices. Times are tough and money is scarce. Huge companies in a range of industries have gone bankrupt. Business owners are expecting the worst.

However, given the perks, renting prime office space isn’t as expensive as many assume.

London is considered to be one of the most costly places to run a business out of. However, a study by office comparison website London Offices has revealed that the price of renting office space in one of the capital’s iconic locations won’t empty your business account after all.

10 iconic London workspaces that cost way less than you think

Shoreditch High Street

London’s answer to Silicon Valley, Shoreditch is well known for the numerous startup offices that have flooded the area in recent years.

Incredibly, places nearby London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ will only set you back £600 per desk per month.

St Paul’s Churchyard

London isn’t all skyscrapers and glass panels. It’s a city full of history and running your business just a stone’s throw from one of London’s most iconic landmarks is bound to impress.

A desk in an office nearby St Paul’s Cathedral will only set you back £600 per month.

Old Bailey

The prime location for those in the law industry, an office on Old Bailey would put you just minutes from the UK’s Central Criminal Court.

The convenient spot won’t set you back too much either, with a desk costing just £600 per month.

Liverpool Street Station

A central location is of little use if it falls outside of London’s fantastic transport system. Office space nearby Liverpool Street Station provides access to Overground, Underground and National Rail train services.

Keeping you connected to the entire city, an office on Liverpool Street will only cost you £700 per desk per month.

One Canada Square

You would think that working out of the affluent area of Canary Wharf would come with a premium –particularly so in One Canada Square skyscraper, commonly known as Canary Wharf Tower.

However, a desk in the luxury building will only set you back £700 per month.

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Carnaby Street

Surrounded by Underground stations, iconic stores, theatres and an abundance of places to eat and shop, Carnaby Street is a great location if you’re looking for convenience.

Thankfully, convenience doesn’t cost too much, with a desk on the popular street costing just £800 per month.

Park Street

Thanks to property board game Monopoly, Mayfair is well known as the height of luxury in the City of London. However, workspace in the affluent area isn’t as costly as you might think.

A desk along Park Street costs just £900 per month.

Oxford Street

Residing in one of the most iconic shopping streets in the world would be a dream for many aspiring retail entrepreneurs, putting them on the doorstep of a number of flagship stores.

That dream could become reality for just £900 per desk per month.

The Shard

Listing the UK’s tallest building as your office is bound to make an impression. It’s home to luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as huge companies such as Kraft Heinz and Tiffany & Co.

For £950 per desk per month, you could work alongside some of the world’s biggest companies.

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The Gherkin

One of London’s most unique and recognisable buildings offers office space in the heart of London’s financial district.

At £1,000 per desk per month, setting up shop in The Gherkin comes with a cost, but the prime location and stunning views make up for it.

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