In a world now dominated by tech, you can’t find a more innovative company than IBM. Having invented the floppy disk, ATM machine and hard drive, the IBM net worth is incredibly high.

Over the last century, IBM has greatly contributed to the Digital Revolution. We have IBM to thank for PCs, allowing us to shop from the comfort of our homes and helping humanity to reach the moon.

Even now, IBM continues to release new technology that shocks and surprises us. Their latest project, a question answering system named Watson, is used for everything from diagnosing illnesses to fighting drought.

IBM’s long history is full of game-changing discoveries, but the tech company rarely gets the credit that it deserves.

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3 innovative products and services that (you didn’t know) IBM invented

Many incorrectly name IBM as the inventors of the PC. That simply isn’t true. However, they were responsible for:

Laser eye surgery

Lasers had been used to correct vision defects as far back as 1896. Although, such procedures ended up causing more harm than good. IBM scientists Samuel Blum, Rangaswamy Srinivasan and James Wynne were the first to discover the ‘Lasik’ eye surgery process that we use today. The trio stumbled upon the possibility of laser eye surgery after using an ultraviolet laser patent that IBM had acquired on a piece of leftover turkey.


IBM didn’t invent the PC. However, IBM electrical engineer Robert H. Dennard did invent RAM. RAM is the driving force behind a computer system. The invention helped to make PCs smaller, faster and smarter.

IBM net worth - Compelo


One of the most underrated inventions of all time, Norman Joseph Woodland made the barcode. While the idea had been around since the 1940s, Woodland needed top IBM engineer George Laurer to help him create a system that read and processed the codes.

However, while IBM’s creations have been hugely popular, the tech giant hasn’t had quite as much success with their logos:

IBM net worth - Compelo
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So what is the IBM net worth?

IBM constantly shifts its direction to keep up with the rapidly changing industry. That certainly comes with an element of risk. However, IBM rarely gets it wrong.

With a vast list of money-making products and some of the world’s best engineers and programmers working away on the latest ground-breaking software, the IBM net worth continues to grow.

As a result, IBM’s market cap now stands at $140.6 billion.

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