Anybody can be an entrepreneur. Or anybody can try to be an entrepreneur, at least. The difficult part is learning how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is no easy game. It takes an enormous amount of discipline and determination to manage your own business. Most people simply aren’t cut out for it.

Entrepreneurial success and failure is largely decided by the individual’s mindset and the behaviours spawned by this way of thinking. Entrepreneurs need to inspire and attract their customers. Negative people are more likely to push people away, negatively impacting their business, regardless of how good their idea or product is.

How to be a successful entrepreneur - Compelo

Yet, if you can identify the behaviours and actions that are holding you back, you can start working towards correcting the issue and becoming the successful entrepreneur that you dream of being.

The best way to become successful is by copying those that have already made it. These five unwritten rules of entrepreneurship will teach you how to be a successful entrepreneur:

How to be a successful entrepreneur (and a better person)

Be yourself

It may sound contradictory, but it is massively important for entrepreneurs to be themselves. As a result, it won’t do to falsely alter your behaviour – you must genuinely strive to become an improved version of yourself.

Authenticity is rare nowadays, particularly so in the business world. However, it is easy to spot when somebody is being genuine. Not only will this encourage people to trust you more, but it will also make it easier for you to connect with people.

How to be a successful entrepreneur - Compelo

Do what’s right

It’s easy to get caught up in the chase for money, but it is important that you preserve your integrity at all times.

You might get away with it once or twice, but your actions will always come back around. One bad decision could bring your business empire crashing down – as Warren Buffett said ‘it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it’.

Stick to your guns (and your word)

Don’t let business bring you down. Carry the values and principles that you treasure in life into your business and make decisions based around them.

Likewise, you should always stick by your decisions and see them through. Following through on what you say you’re going to do will earn you the respect of your peers and ensure that your work produces results.

Control your emotions

Our emotions often make us say and do things that we wouldn’t otherwise do. However, in order to excel in the entrepreneur world, you must learn to brush off your emotions and make decisions based on logic.

Making an incorrect decision through anger or upset will result on one of two things: Either you will have to go back on your word or see it through. Both outcomes are unquestionably negative.

How to be a successful entrepreneur - Compelo

Focus on others

While a welcomed perk, entrepreneurship isn’t about getting rich. It’s about improving the world and making life better for others. If you’re not basing your actions on how they will impact other people, chances are you won’t make it as an entrepreneur.

People won’t show an interest in what you do unless it offers them something of value.  If you can do that, the wealth will undoubtedly come.

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