The feature enables business conversations to be converted in real time into collaborative transcripts

OT_Google_Meet_image enables its Live Notes and Captions feature to be used by Google Meet users. (Credit: Business Wire), a US-based voice transcription service powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has made its Live Notes and Video Captions feature available for integration with the Google Meet video-communication service.

According to the company, Google Meet meeting participants can now use the feature to convert their business conversations in real time into collaborative transcripts that are highly accurate and also interactive.

Available as a Chrome browser extension, the feature enables customers to use the new integration for directly opening a secure, live, interactive transcript from a Google Meet call. The users will also get to use live captions through the feature.

In October 2020, integrated the Live Notes and Video Captions feature with Zoom video conferencing to help users enable live captioning in their video meetings.

According to, its Live Notes experience integrated within Google Meet increases productivity and efficiency of meetings. The feature also reduces the scope for miscommunication, particularly for non-native English speakers.

Besides, the feature nurtures a more collaborative and inclusive remote workplace, especially for people with accessibility requirements, claimed the company. CEO and founder Sam Liang said: “We have seen with our first integration into Zoom that making it more seamless to use Otter increases note-taking and productivity for users, we are excited to offer this same type of seamless integration for Google Meet users.

“Our AI technology is able to accurately understand a wide variety of accents in English and intelligently turns real time conversations into live transcripts, as well as live video captions.

“By offering these features in an integrated experience on Google Meet, is helping to foster a more cohesive and collaborative workplace, as well as boosting inclusivity.”

After ending the Google Meet meeting, through its web platform and app provides collaborative features to improve business communication. Users can highlight, add images, share, search by keyword, and also review a transcript following a recorded Google Meet call.