Under the multiyear collaboration, the German sports company will shift segments of its e-commerce infrastructure, including its website, to Google Cloud, while also establishing a comprehensive global e-commerce data platform


PUMA partners with Google Cloud to transform online retail experience. (Credit: PUMA SE)

Germany-based sports brand PUMA has revealed plans to leverage Google Cloud’s data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance its online retail operations, aiming for increased efficiency, agility, and personalised experiences for its global customer base.

The partnership will facilitate the introduction of consumer-centric innovations, such as generative AI shopping assistants, virtual try-ons, and AI-driven loyalty programes.

Under the collaboration, PUMA will transition segments of its e-commerce infrastructure, including its website, to Google Cloud, while also establishing a comprehensive global e-commerce data platform.

According to Google Cloud, initial outcomes have demonstrated considerable enhancements in customer experiences, with a 19% surge in average order value attributed to PUMA’s utilisation of Google Analytics and BigQuery to refine content delivery.

Furthermore, through the integration of Apigee and BigQuery, PUMA has achieved up to a four-fold acceleration in accessing real-time inventory data, aiding customers in locating desired products at the nearest available stores.

PUMA global e-commerce engineering director Pancho Ortuzar said: “With Google Cloud’s AI and data capabilities, we have been able to not only gain a far better understanding of our customers, but also translate that insight into frictionless commerce, and more personal shopping experiences both online and offline.

“Migrating our e-commerce infrastructure to Google Cloud will greatly accelerate our efforts towards making PUMA’s direct-to-consumer channels a significant driver of overall business growth.”

During the multiyear partnership, PUMA will integrate Google Cloud AI across its direct-to-consumer channels to enhance customer experiences.

This includes implementing Vertex AI Search for retail on its official website to provide high-quality search and recommendations. Besides, it will help in exploring generative AI and visual search tools for future initiatives like a shopping assistant and virtual “Shop the Look” features.

PUMA will also consolidate its e-commerce data onto Google Cloud, enabling comprehensive insights for faster and more accurate product personalisation.

Google Cloud’s AI capabilities will be central to the revitalised global loyalty programme on Puma’s site, expediting rewards transactions and customising special offers and promotions to suit the preferences of both individuals and their families.

Google Cloud strategic industries VP Carrie Tharp said: “As consumer tastes become more personalised and bespoke, popular brands will need to look at technologies like generative AI to stay ahead of the curve.

“PUMA’s partnership with Google Cloud is leading the industry in applying cloud, data analytics, and AI to transform the customer experience.”