To commemorate her 1,000th day of random acts of kindness, businesswoman Dani Saveker is launching the worldwide "Inspire Kindness Movement" - touting the family and business benefits of being good to the people around us as invaluable

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Dani Saveker launches the Inspire Kindness Movement in September 2018

Almost three years ago, businesswoman Dani Saveker embarked on a quest make a “random act of kindness” everyday for 1,000 days – and today marks the finish line.

But to celebrate the occasion, the CEO of GLAS Group – an organisation she founded to help give structure to family businesses – is embarking on a new challenge by launching the worldwide “Inspire Kindness Movement”.

Her latest scheme will involve creating a kit for either individuals or businesses that suggests charitable or friendly acts to start “kindness habits”.

“Reaching 1,000 days of kindness is a major personal milestone, but the beginning of another chapter in this journey,” the mother-of-three said.

“With the launch of the Inspire Kindness Movement, my hope is the random acts of kindness concept will continue to grow across the world.”


Why kindness and business can go hand in hand

Ms Saveker has had a varied career, having previously worked for her family business Savekers, which manufactured architectural metalwork and shop fittings, for 14 years.

She took the 106-year-old company into voluntary administration in 2009 after it encountered financial difficulties owing to the economic crisis and the age of the business.

Three years later, she founded Families in Business as a network for family-owned SMEs, before setting up GLAS (Global Life Alignment System) last year.

Based in Sutton Coldfield, it is a consultancy that helps businesses create structures and adapt to change.

Alongside her business interests, Ms Saveker began a 1,000-day challenge on 1 January 2016 to carry out a random act of kindness every day – as an experiment to explore kindness and the impact of kind acts in society.

Inspire Kindness Movement
Dani Saveker’s 1,000 acts of random kindness included leaving sweets for strangers

She has recorded each act on her social media platforms using the hashtag #inspirekindness.

These have included donating to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, surprising colleagues with a cake at a meeting and giving a Costa Coffee gift card to strangers in a queue.

She has also delivered kindness workshops to young children in primary schools.

Ms Saveker believes that kindness is one of the greatest skills a successful business leader can have and develop.

“Kindness is for everyone, regardless of age, gender and background, and one of the most important characteristics of a business leader,” she said.

“For me, kindness means to give openly, without exception or expectation, starting with yourself, and the act of being kind is proven to have a positive impact on your psychological and physical health and wellbeing, according to recent research by organisations such as MIND and the Mental Health Organisation.”

How the Inspire Kindness Movement works

Ms Saveker has designed a limited edition Inspire Kindness kit to mark the 1,000th day of her giving back initiative, which she hopes will be the basis for creating thousands more random acts of kindness.

She added: “Whether the kit is bought or is gifted, it will give people a tool to help them embrace kindness and embed it into their every day lives.

“The kit gives some suggestions and ideas of how to get started with choosing kindness, with a challenge of completing 21 days of kindness – 21 being the number required to form a habit.

Inspire Kindness Movement
The Inspire Kindness Movement features a kit designed to help people come up with ideas for random acts of generosity

“We know the challenges of making time in our busy lives, but with its huge health and social benefits, we believe that kindness is real magic, and hope the Inspire Kindness Movement will continue to gain momentum and awareness and that being kind becomes a habit for more and more people.

“I don’t want this to be about what I’ve done, but if we can use it to inspire others and talk about and celebrate kindness more, then I’d be delighted.”