The micro weather services and weather sensors of TruWeather Solutions will be integrated into Iris Automation’s Casia G GBSS

Iris Automation

TruWeather, Iris Automation aim to close the gap in weather data for flight operations. (Credit: Iris Automation)

US-based TruWeather Solutions has entered into a partnership with Iris Automation, a safety avionics technology company, for providing weather-enhanced ground-based surveillance to uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) with an aim to close the gap in weather data for flight operations.

In this connection, TruWeather Solutions will integrate its micro weather services and weather sensors into Iris Automation’s Casia G ground-based surveillance system (GBSS).

According to Iris Automation, micro weather or low-altitude local atmospheric conditions can often differ from that in higher altitudes in a substantial manner. This puts in uncertainty into the safety equation and can considerably affect the operations and revenue of UAS and advanced air mobility (AAM).

TruWeather Solutions CEO Don Berchoff said: “The industry requires even more low altitude weather measurements to increase data fidelity and flights per airframe. Without this, uncertain micro weather and wind conditions will result in conservative business decisions.

“Failure to resolve this problem will result in fewer flights, disgruntled customers and significant revenue losses.”

The ground-based Casia G system is a detect and avoid solution. It is designed to let operators better detect approaching aircraft and evade collisions.

The system is said to utilise the same artificial intelligence and computer vision technology employed in Iris Automation’s Casia series of onboard integrated systems.

Iris Automation claimed that its Casia product line offers situational awareness for intelligent decision-making, which include alerts and manual or autonomous collision avoidance.

The company said that as Casia G is agnostic to sensors, it can be integrated easily with weather sensors for adding real time weather data to nodes.

Iris Automation sales, marketing and customer success VP Lori DeMatteis said: “Micro weather information is critical to commercial drone operations, avoiding aborted flights and unnecessary risks and overhead in order to meet the FAA 107 weather minimums.

“Combined with Casia G, the TruWeather solution provides up to the minute, highly localised climate information to ensure safe drone operations in one easy setup.”