The platform will have the capability to move large volumes of data globally from multiple systems into the cloud


The headquarters of Vodafone Ireland in Dublin. (Credit: Sarah777/

British telecom company Vodafone has entered into a six-year partnership with Google Cloud to develop a new integrated data platform and distributed system.

The partnership is expected to support the creation of new digital products and services for Vodafone customers, by driving the use of data analytics, insights and learnings.

The platform will have the capability to process and move large volumes of data globally from multiple systems into the cloud.

Called Nucleus, it will be capable of processing around 50 terabytes of data per day, equivalent to 25,000 hours of HD film.

Nucleus will house a new system, known as Dynamo, which is expected to enable Vodafone to customise new connectivity services for homes and businesses through the release of smart network features.

Nearly 1,000 employees of both companies located in Spain, the UK, and the US are being engaged to develop Nucleus and Dynamo.

Vodafone chief technology officer Johan Wibergh said: “Vodafone is building a powerful foundation for a digital future.

“We have vast amounts of data which, when securely processed and made available across our footprint using the collective power of Vodafone and Google Cloud’s engineering expertise, will transform our services, to our customers and governments, and the societies where they live and serve.”

The telecom firm said that it has identified over 700 use cases for a quick roll-out of new products and services across its markets and eliminate duplication of data sources.

Vodafone’s operating companies in multiple countries are also expected to see improvement in the speed and ease with which access its data analytics, intelligence and machine-learning capabilities.

The company will expand the number of smart network services in its Google Cloud footprint from eight markets to its entire footprint.

The expansion is expected to enable Vodafone to use machine learning to predict, detect and fix issues before customers are aware of them.

Under the partnership, Vodafone will also migrate its SAP environment and all big data and business intelligence workloads onto Google Cloud.