The SHARKCAGE cybersecurity contract awarded to the Accenture subsidiary encompasses a primary ordering period of five years, with an option to extend for an additional five years


Accenture Federal Services to deliver advanced cybersecurity systems for US Navy. (Credit: JiriMatejicek/Wikimedia Commons)

Accenture Federal Services has secured a decade-long contract worth $789m to bolster cybersecurity operations for the US Navy’s global maritime forces within the SHARKCAGE environment.

SHARKCAGE serves as the US Navy’s collective system designed to safeguard a unified, continuous security perimeter.

Under the agreement, the Accenture subsidiary will furnish ashore and afloat SHARKCAGE systems to the Navy’s programme executive office, command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence program manager, warfare cybersecurity.

These systems encompass a blend of commercial and commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software, tailored to provide analytics for defensive cyberspace operations across Navy networks, including Information Technology-21, ONENet, and Navy/Marine Corps Intranet.

Accenture Federal Services managing director and cyber practice lead Rick Driggers said: “The role of cybersecurity in modern maritime military readiness has evolved and expanded. Network interconnectedness is essential to protecting critical US defense assets and sensitive military data.

“Accenture Federal Services will help provide US Navy fleets with the enhanced attack sensing and warning capabilities that these times demand.”

The scope of services to be provided by Accenture Federal Services includes design, architecture, testing, production, delivery, installation support, and integrated logistics support for these integrated systems.

The SHARKCAGE contract encompasses a primary ordering period of five years, with an option to extend for an additional five years.

Accenture Federal Services managing director Paul Ott said: “Accenture Federal Services will support the U.S. Navy by empowering SHARKAGE with the ability to synthesise critical cyber event data from across its platforms and networks.

“Performing work within a shared, integrated environment will ultimately enhance our client’s overall cyber monitoring and decision support cycles.”

Earlier this week, the Accenture subsidiary secured the US Army’s Enterprise Application Modernisation and Migration (EAMM) contract, potentially valued at $127m.

Accenture Federal Services intends to leverage its cloud migration and modernisation strategy to conduct comprehensive assessments, migrations, and modernisations of large-scale applications for cloud deployment.

The company has been assigned the responsibility of evaluating applications and offering recommendations for migration and modernisation, facilitating the transition of applications from Army data centers to the cloud.