Wipro will also help the UK-based utility company with mainframe migration and transition to managed services


Wipro to expedite the digital innovation journey of National Grid. (Credit: Rameshng/Wikimedia Commons)

Wipro has been selected by National Grid to expedite the latter’s digital innovation journey, which includes data centre consolidation and implementation of a next-generation hybrid cloud architecture.

Based in London, National Grid is a multinational electric and gas utility provider.

The utility will be provided with Wipro’s Boundaryless Enterprise solutions in order to facilitate its continued digital transformation. The solutions from the Indian IT firm will also help the utility integrate its managed services and consolidate multiple data centres in the UK and the US to next-generation hosting services.

According to Wipro, the sustainable data centres will enable the utility provider to have improved program governance along with heightened consolidation and the shifting of all its server and application functions from traditional data centres.

Besides, Wipro will help the UK-based firm with mainframe migration and transition to managed services. These include the eventual implementation of a hybrid cloud solution for the utility company.

National Grid cloud and hosting services head Daniel Jablonski said: “Our data centre consolidation efforts will allow us to realize an over 60% reduction in our data centre footprint as well as realise a 40% reduction in our data centre CO2 emissions.

“Additionally this transformational program, in conjunction with Wipro, will position our IT capabilities to enable modernized SDDC techniques, technologies, and operating model to accelerate our own digital transformation as National Grid continues to build the future of energy.”

As part of the partnership with National Grid, the Indian firm by deploying its innovative solutions and know-how will deliver a digital transformation journey to the former that is flexible, scalable, as well as resilient.

Wipro vice president and ENU sector head Geoffrey Jue said: “National Grid is one of the world’s largest utility companies, and Wipro is excited to be named as a strategic partner. This new collaboration builds on the successful two-decade-old partnership between the two companies.

“Wipro will employ standardised tools and processes to provide cloud services that will strengthen National Grid’s infrastructure services, and support its strategic business objectives.”

Last month, Wipro won a $44.5m contract from National Grid to support the latter’s data centre strategy, transition, and transformation.