New Years’ resolutions are collapsing fast as customers can’t get hold of courgettes to fuel their health kick.

Disappointed shoppers have taken to Twitter to express their outrage at the #courgettecrisis.

Whilst some blame the rise of courgetti, supermarkets are attributing the disaster to unseasonal snow in Spain and Italy.

Murcia, the region in Spain from where our courgettes are imported, has suffered its heaviest rainfall in 30 years.

Italy has had extremely heavy snow, and crops have been totally ruined.

Courgetti fans are having to go without


Dutch vegetable supplier, Valstar Holland has given a thorough explanation for the plight of this lengthy vegetable, ‘the cold affects courgettes a lot’.

Spinach and aubergines from these parts have also taken a hit. Rumour has it, broccoli is next.

Broccoli crisis may be next


Since the summer, courgette prices have quadrupled from £4 to a whopping £20 per box, but retailers reassure customers that the situation will soon be back to normal.



Looks like you’ll have to postpone that health kick for now – go on, order yourself a pizza.