MPs will vote this evening on the long awaited bill initiating the formal process of leaving the European Union.

Politicians will embark on a seven hour debate over amendments to the bill prior to casting their votes on the final product.

The European Union Notification of Withdrawal Bill has already undergone two days of debate in the Commons without being altered.

Last night, the Government deflected attempts to add conditions to the Bill and avoided a Tory rebellion.

Labour, along with support from seven Tories were pushing for MPs to have a conclusive say on the final terms of the Bill but lost this argument 326 votes to 293.

Numerous other suggested amendments were also unsuccessful.

Brexit Minister David Jones


However, the threat of rebelling Conservatives has not gone unnoticed by the Government. Brexit Minister David Jones has made an attempt to appease dissatisfied party members.

Mr Jones has emphasised that MPs will have the chance to pass opinion of the final draft Brexit agreement prior to a vote by the European Parliament in two years’ time.

He stated: ‘It will be a meaningful vote. It will be the choice of leaving the EU with a negotiated deal or not.’

Despite Jeremy Corbyn calling on his MPs to support the government’s bill in the name of democracy, Labour has branded the shift described by David Jones as a ‘significant victory’.

Prime Minister Theresa May


As the debate unfolds, it seems the Government are successfully negotiating their way through the Commons, Matrix-style.