The new solutions include Recommendations AI that allows retailers to serve customers with customised product recommendations

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The new solutions equip retailers with AI/ML-based technologies. (Credit: Hannes Edinger from Pixabay)

Google Cloud has launched a suite of AI-powered solutions for retailers to provide enhanced personalised online shopping experiences for their customers.

Developed as a fully integrated suite, Google Cloud’s Product Discovery Solutions enables retailers to improve their eCommerce capabilities with AI/ML-based technologies.

According to the company, the new solutions are developed in partnership with some of the world’s major retailers and leveraging Google’s semantic understanding of online search and user intent.

The new suite of solutions is claimed to combine advanced AI algorithms with the scalable infrastructure of Google Cloud for retailers.

By enabling retailers to implement new search and recommendation capabilities, the new suite of solutions allows them to enhance consumer engagement and improve conversions across their own digital properties.

Google Cloud’s Product Discovery Solutions are developed to address the challenges faced by retailers in prioritising eCommerce improvements that enhance consumer shopping online.

Google Cloud retail and consumer vice president Carrie Tharp said: “As the shift to online continues, smarter and more personalised shopping experiences will be even more critical for retailers to rise above their competition.

“Retailers are in dire need of agile operating models powered by cloud infrastructure and technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to meet today’s industry demands. We’re proud to partner with retailers around the world, and bring forward our Product Discovery offerings to help them succeed.”

Product Discovery Solutions allow shoppers to search for products with an image

The Product Discovery Solutions consist of Recommendations AI that enables retailers to deliver highly personalised product recommendations at scale and across all channels.

Recommendations AI allows retailers to serve customers with customised product recommendations, by bringing together the history of a customer’s shopping journey.

As part of the new solutions, Google Cloud is offering Vision API Product Search that allows shoppers to search for products with an image and obtain a ranked list of visually and semantically similar items.

Google Cloud Search for Retail, which is part of Product Discovery Solutions, offers retailers with improved product search functionality that can be embedded into their websites and mobile applications.