From Dorset to Tanzania, private island holidays are becoming affordable in the age of Airbnb.

Fancy taking ten of your friends for a week-long break on an exclusive Spanish island frequented by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo?

Thanks to disruptive online travel sites such as Airbnb, renting a private island is within reach for regular holidaymakers.

Tagomago Island, Spain

Tagomago island off Ibiza’s east coast features a modern villa that sleeps ten and is available for £70,000 a week. For £1,000 per person per day you get eight staff at your disposal, including a boat captain.

In addition to the breathtaking ocean views, guests can enjoy a swimming pool, outdoor whirl pool and sauna. Furthermore, all-inclusive food and drink is provided by two chefs and a butler.

Tagomago also features a beach, a bar, and use of a yacht, two boats and two jetskis.

However, £7,000 a week may still be beyond most mere mortals. So here are six more affordable private island holidays.

Private island Rentals - Compelo
Thanda was voted the world’s leading private island in the 2016 World Travel Awards. Image©Thanda Island.

Thanda Island, Tanzania

For a mere £53,000, 14 adults and up to four children can enjoy a week on this exclusive 20-acre island.

Guests can swim with whale sharks in a marine reserve or relax in an outdoor bath overlooking the ocean. Accommodation consists of five air-conditioned suites and ultra-luxurious versions of traditional huts.

Additional facilities include a gym and tennis, although we think you’ll just want to drink in the surroundings – Thana was voted the world’s leading private island in the 2016 World Travel Awards.

Round Island, Dorset: great value

Okay, so Poole may not have the instant wow factor of Spain or Africa, but Round Island can be all yours for around £27.50 per person per day.

For that, 21 holidaymakers can enjoy a sandy beach and four cottages with full equipped kitchens. You may even spot a dolphin or two. At 15 acres, Round Island additionally boasts its own water supply.

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Round Island in Dorset has its own boathouse and slipway. Image©Round Island.

Batholmen, Norway

Hope on a flight to Oslo (around £150) and before long you’ll find yourself on the tiny island of Batholmen.

Those expecting extravagant luxury will be disappointed. However, if a break from the frantic pace of 21st-century life (there’s no internet or mobile phone signal) is what you’re after, this could be for you.

Fishing and swimming in the fjord are a must, as is a trip around the shoreline in your private motorboat. Not convinced? Then consider this − Batholmen is the No.1 let on Airbnb in Norway.

Furthermore, the no-frills two-bedroom chalet will accommodate four guests for just £1,204 a week.

Gladden, Belize: a truly private island

This is enough to Gladden anyone’s heart. Okay, so it’s a 20-hour flight and a helicopter ride from the UK. And it’s a little pricey at £1,117 per person per night.

Private Island Rentals - Compelo
A stunning poolside view on Gladden Island. Image©Gladden Private Island.


However, this paradise retreat in the Belize Barrier Reef System is perfect for couples or friends.

Staff stay on a smaller island nearby, so guests can enjoy the palm trees and stunning beaches in complete privacy.

Sanda Island, Scotland,

Think fantasy island break and chances are the west coast of Scotland doesn’t immediately come to mind.

But for wildlife enthusiasts, this 400-acre retreat 1.5 miles south of the Kintyre peninsula is a must. Stunning sea views, seal and whale watching, trout fishing an boat trips to nearby Northern Island – Sanda has it all.

Eight guests can stay in four cottages with underfloor heating for just £250 per person per night (£14,000 a week).

Vela Sestrica, Croatia

Croatia’s stunning coastline is loved by travellers the world over. However, Vela Sestrica is something of a hidden gem.

Located next to the more popular Korcula, this gorgeous island is available for £5,000 a week and sleeps eight. Accommodation consists of a renovated lighthouse boasting four bedrooms with sea views.

In addition, visitors can luxuriate in the whirlpool baths on the rocks.

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