Positive growth is arguably the most sought-after achievement for any business, particularly start-ups - Inc's 5,000 Most Inspiring Companies of 2018 list provides a rundown of the companies excelling in this regard

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Those listed on Inc's Most Inspiring Companies of 2018 list have capitalised on light bulb moments with rapid business growth

Whether your business is in logistics, food and drink or energy, growth is likely the most important objective for any and all – such is the case for Inc. magazine’s list of America’s most inspiring companies of 2018.

The US-based business publication has unveiled its annual list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in the country covering a range of sectors and startling three-year growth rates.

With a combined 2017 revenue of $206.2bn (£162.35bn), up 158% from $79.8bn (£62.83bn) in 2014, those on the list make for a collective powerhouse of mainly small enterprises – making a huge contribution to the US economy.

Here are the rapidly-growing top ten.


1) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: SwanLeap

Topping the list is software company SwanLeap, based in Madison, Wisconsin, with a growth rate of 75,661% and a 2017 revenue of $99m (£78m).

Founder and CEO Brad Hollister started the company in 2013 in order to update the way in which big manufacturers and retailers manage their shipments, and has since grown it to include 49 employees.

His business uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make sure every parcel, container and truckload is deployed as cheaply as possible, and provides software which gives shippers additional supply chain visibility.

According to SwanLeap, its freight customers are now saving an average of 26.7% as a direct result of the company’s service.


2) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: PopSockets

Close behind SwanLeap is Boulder, Colorado-based PopSockets, which has grown 71,424% over the past three years and received $168.9m (£139m) in revenue past year.

The company makes and sells $10 (£7.87) self-adhesive, collapsible, expandable mobile phone grips to help take selfies, text with one hand, and avoid dropping your device.

CEO David Barnett founded the 118-strong company in 2010, and expects to have sold 100 million units by the end of 2018.


3) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: Home Chef

One of the larger companies on the list, Home Chef and its team of 865 registered a three-year growth rate of 60,166% in addition to a 2017 revenue of $255m (£201m).

Home Chef
Home Chef delivers meal kits with healthy recipes and ingredients

Founded in 2013 by CEO Patrick Vihtelic, the company provides a meal kit delivery service, which includes simple, healthy recipes starting at $7.99 to households throughout the US.


4) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: Velocity Global

Fourth on the list is Velocity Global with a growth rate 39,817% and a $49m (£38.6) 2017 revenue.

The company, founded in 2013 by CEO Ben Wright, specialises in global recruiting, immigration, payroll and consulting to help companies expand operations overseas.

Despite receiving no venture capital in its five-year lifespan, the Denver-based business has grown to almost 100 employees.


5) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: Depcom Power

Depcom Power has grown by 38,963% over the past three years and raked in $219.6m (£172.90m) in revenue last year.

Founder and CEO Jim Lamon’s company partners with utilities, independent power producers and project development companies to provide engineering, operations, procurement and construction services for a range of solar energy projects.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, it was set up in 2013 and gives all employees a share in the company, as well as year-end bonuses determined by a transparent rating system.


6) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: Aeronux Airways

Aeronux Airways’ 20,005% growth rate and $21.9m (£17.2m) 2017 revenue has earned it sixth place on the list.

Providing private charter jet transportation, it was founded by Dr. Kambiz Khadem in 2011 in Marietta, Georgia.

Aeronux Airways, most inspiring companies of 2018
Aeronux Airways is one of the most inspiring companies of 2018. according to Inc.

The company’s online platform allows private plane operators to list their aircraft in return for 20% of the fare for each flight they book.


7) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: Diamond Assets

Diamond Assets is seventh on the list having grown by 19,718% over the past three years and registered a revenue of $43.1m (£33.9m) past year.

Based in Milton, Wisconsin, CEO Mike McKenna founded the business in 2014 to help guide organisations through the processes of updating and purchasing new Apple hardware.

It also buys outdated Apple equipment from various organisations, refurbishes it, and sells it through various distributors across America.

Mr McKenna says he came up with the idea with working as an account executive at Apple.


8) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: GForce Life Sciences

With a growth rate of 16,427% and a 2017 revenue of $16.7m (£13.2m), Chicago-based GForce Life Sciences and its team of 13 are eighth.

As the second multi-million-dollar company that founder and CEO Mark Gallagher has created, its match-making service pairs employers with skilled workers for clients in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

most inspiring companies of 2018


9) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: Scientist.com

Scientist.com is the longest standing company on the list having been founded in 2007 – which registered a three-year growth rate of 15,268% and a 2017 revenue of $50.3m (£39.6).

It acts as an online marketplace that gives pharmaceutical companies a platform to outsource activities including gene editing and toxicology tests to as many as 22,000 vendors.

The company claims to have reduced the time it typically takes to complete this process – about six months – to just one day.


10) Most Inspiring Companies of 2018: The Garrett Companies

Rounding off the top ten is The Garrett Companies, which grew by 14,822% over the past three years and last year made $82.1m (£64.6m) in revenue.

Based in Greenwood, Indiana, it develops, builds, and manages multi-family apartment buildings, and has completed 34 projects across 12 US states in its four-year lifetime.