The trio plan to integrate autonomous shuttles into public transportation services across the world

Mobileye, Transdev Autonomous Transport System and Lohr Group wi

Mobileye, Transdev ATS and Lohr aim to bring the autonomous shuttles for public transportation by 2023. (Credit: Mobileye)

Intel’s Mobileye, Transdev Autonomous Transport System (ATS), and Lohr Group have joined forces with an aim to deploy autonomous shuttles in public transportation networks by 2023.

Currently, Mobileye develops computer vision and machine learning, data analysis, mapping, and localisation for advanced driver-assistance systems and automated driving.

The Intel company will contribute its autonomous vehicle (AV) technology to the collaboration.

Transdev ATS, which is a part of French public transport company Transdev, provides autonomous mobility solutions.

On the other hand, Lohr Group is a French mobility solutions manufacturer.

The partnership will see Mobileye’s self-driving system integrated into Lohr Group’s i-Cristal electric shuttles. The resulting i-Cristal autonomous shuttles will be added to the existing mobility service networks of Transdev.

The parties intend to integrate the autonomous shuttles into public transportation services across the world.

Transdev ATS executive vice president Patricia Villoslada said: “This collaboration between Transdev ATS, Lohr Group and Mobileye will enable to deploy autonomous vehicles in public transportation networks at scale, thanks to the combination of the complementary cutting-edge technologies and strong industrial expertise of the three partners.

“Together we will bring new mobility solutions to reality in the next coming years.”

According to the partners, autonomous mobility can be intertwined into the fabric of transportation networks for distributing service on demand. Besides, it will help in streamlining the fleets, reduce transportation costs, and enhance customer experiences.

The i-Cristal electric shuttles, which are fully accessible via a ramp, can accommodate a maximum of 16 passengers. The shuttle has a top speed of 50kmph.

The three firms will test the vehicles initially on roadways across France and Israel. The aim is to make technology designs ready for production by the next year.

Mobileye mobility-as-a-service vice president Johann Jungwirth said: “Our collaboration with Transdev ATS and Lohr Group serves to grow Mobileye’s global footprint as the autonomous vehicle (AV) technology partner of choice for pioneers in the transportation industry.

“Mobileye, Transdev ATS and Lohr Group are shaping the future of shared autonomous mobility, and we look forward to bringing our self-driving solutions to regions all over the world.”