The four CVflow SoCs selected by Inceptio will simultaneously deliver high-performance and low-power processing for seven 8MP cameras of the XUANYUAN system


Inceptio has developed autonomous driving truck technology. Credit: Jiluo Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Ambarella said that its edge artificial intelligence (AI) systems on chip (SoCs) have been selected by Inceptio Technology for its automotive-grade central computing platform.

Inceptio is an autonomous driving truck technology and operation company. It has selected two each of Ambarella’s CV2FS and CV2AQ edge AI SoCs.

The company’s platform is at the core of its full-stack XUANYUAN autonomous driving system for trucks.

According to Ambarella, the four CVflow SoCs will simultaneously deliver high-performance and low-power processing for seven 8MP cameras of the XUANYUAN system. These include AI compute, for surround camera perception, and front advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) safety features such as collision avoidance.

Inceptio EVP Gary Huang said: “We chose Ambarella’s SoCs due to their advanced imaging capabilities and high performance in AI processing at low power, as well as the company’s strong cooperation and support.

“The highly efficient architecture of Ambarella’s CV2 SoCs contributes to the excellent performance when running our advanced 3D computer vision algorithms. Inceptio Technology and our OEM partners started the mass production of L3 trucks at the end of 2021, and we will continue to optimise and iterate our autonomous driving technologies and products, while expanding our OEM cooperation and the application of vehicle platforms.”

Ambarella’s CV2FS SOCs are deployed to carry out collision avoidance besides meeting the system requirement for functional safety.

The SOCs are designed for front-facing stereovision ADAS cameras and computer vision electronic control units (ECUs) for L2+ and higher levels of autonomy.

The CV2FS chip features CVflow AI processing for enabling safety-critical applications.

Ambarella’s CV2AQ SoCs perform segmentation and object detection, including signs and traffic lanes.

Ambarella president and CEO Fermi Wang said: “Our CVflow edge AI SoCs provide Inceptio with high-performance AI processing to implement advanced computer vision and neural network algorithms, industry-leading image signal processing for maximum clarity in challenging lighting conditions and the industry’s best performance per watt, enabling Inceptio to stay well within their thermal and power budgets.”