Capgemini will be responsible for providing the aerospace company with a fully managed service of the core cloud infrastructure


Capgemini to help Airbus’ global commercial aircraft and helicopters businesses drive innovation and sustainability. (Credit: Rd.capgemini/Wikimedia Commons)

Airbus has engaged Capgemini to help implement a cloud-first transformation programme for its global commercial aircraft and helicopter businesses to drive both innovation and sustainability.

Capgemini, serving as a strategic partner to the Dutch aerospace company, will be responsible for providing a fully managed service of the core cloud infrastructure.

The French IT firm will drive the transformation of Airbus aircraft and helicopter businesses’ existing services by unification and modernisation.

It will manage private and public clouds, legacy infrastructure, and infrastructure management. This will help achieve the required flexibility for meeting any future needs of the Airbus’ businesses.

Besides, Capgemini will facilitate the application modernisation and shift the environment to a multi-hybrid cloud solution. The IT major will deploy a ‘pay-per-use’ model to support the continuity of the activity of Airbus, while enabling flexibility.

The French firm said that the hybrid cloud transformation programme would expedite new functionalities via advanced releases in the IT systems of the aerospace company. The programme is also expected to contribute to innovation at scale for supporting the production activities and supply chains of Airbus.

Additionally, the dedicated platform enablement team of Capgemini will support the Airbus IT department in fast-tracking and scaling its innovation roadmap.

Capgemini cloud and infrastructure services CEO Nive Bhagat said: “Innovation and sustainability are the top priorities for industry leaders today. We are fully mobilised to accompany Airbus’ existing and future programmes for sustainable aerospace and resilient operations, bringing together the best of Capgemini’s expertise in cloud combined with transformation and innovation enablers.

“This agreement reflects Capgemini’s position as the key business partner for strategic programs of global players who are themselves leaders in their industry.”

The parties will also establish a joint innovation fund for funding and evaluating emerging technologies for the Airbus’ business. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will be tested as part of this.

To align the delivery of services against Airbus’ sustainability goals, Capgemini will deploy a next-generation cloud and infrastructure platform. This will help the Dutch firm reduce its infrastructure carbon impact across the service lines.