The subscription-based platform will allow Free2Move eSolutions customers to access public charging points across Europe

Young adult woman charging electric car, using smartphone

Accenture will build the technology platform that will manage charging solutions. (Credit: Free2Move eSolutions S.p.A.)

Accenture and Free2Move eSolutions have partnered to develop a subscription-based electric vehicle (EV) charging platform.

The EV charging platform is expected to enable Free2Move eSolutions customers to gain access to the public charging points across Europe.

The company’s customers will also have access to a mix of public and private charging systems across the European network.

With a simplified subscription-based payment model, the platform allows access to the charging stations through a mobile app.

Under the multi-year partnership, Accenture will be responsible for building, testing and scaling the technology platform that will manage charging solutions and subscriptions.

To develop the platform, the Ireland-headquartered company is expected to leverage its capabilities in sustainability services and expertise in the cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics and the Internet of Things.

Free2Move eSolutions CEO Roberto Di Stefano said: “This partnership with Accenture is an important milestone that will allow us to lead the transition toward electric mobility. The mission of both partners is to solve complex issues and we plan to make it easier and faster and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

As part of the partnership, Accenture will deploy charging points across Europe, beginning with its offices in Italy and France. By adopting Free2Move eSolutions technology, the move will enable the integration of electric vehicles into the grid.

Accenture is also expected to provide its people in the two countries with access to the charging app.

Under the collaboration, Free2Move eSolutions and Accenture also intend to undertake the development of new joint offerings to speed up the transition to sustainable mobility.

The joint offerings will help large companies in their end-to-end fleet electrification efforts.

Accenture Europe CEO Jean Marc Ollagnier said: “Accenture will rapidly deploy to its fleet the solutions developed by this partnership, which will also help accelerate our industry-leading net-zero commitments.

“The new Accenture Rome Forward Building in Italy will be the first site to benefit from this technology, before expanding into France and then throughout Europe.”