The company also launched a new group for providing an integrated and comprehensive cloud transformation capability to clients


Wipro launches new business unit dubbed Wipro FullStride Cloud Services. (Credit: Rameshng at Malayalam Wikipedia)

Wipro unveiled plans to invest $1bn to expand cloud transformation capability and has also announced the launch of a new business unit called Wipro FullStride Cloud Services.

The India-based company will make the investment over the next three years in cloud technologies and capabilities, and for carrying out acquisitions and forging partnerships.

Wipro CEO and managing director Thierry Delaporte said: “Today, cloud adoption is at the core of any IT transformation initiative, and our clients have been turning to Wipro for help with this.

“With our $1 billion investment in cloud capabilities, and the launch of Wipro FullStride Cloud Services, we are in a far stronger position to simplify, orchestrate and accelerate the cloud journey for our clients.”

Wipro FullStride Cloud Services aims to provide an integrated and inclusive cloud transformation capability for partners, customers and cloud experts.

It is expected to enhance the cloud journey for the company’s clients by bringing together its full portfolio of cloud-related capabilities, offerings and personnel.

The company revealed that it has over 79,000 cloud professionals on its rolls and more than 10,000 personnel, who are certified by some of the top cloud service providers.

Its new business unit is expected to enable clients to align their business and IT with the cloud imperative in a better way for creating considerable business value and improve competitive differentiation.

Wipro FullStride Cloud Services will also boost clients’ business agility, drive resilience, and substantially optimise their investments in technology to facilitate change and innovation.

Wipro claimed that it has won significant cloud-related orders over the past 12 months, which include deals with Telefónica Germany / O2, Verifone, E.ON, and METRO.

Wipro chief growth officer Stephanie Trautman said: “With the introduction of the Chief Growth Office, we are renewing our focus on our global partnership ecosystem, amplifying and simplifying how we go to market together to orchestrate cloud transformation for our clients.”

Earlier this year, the Indian firm signed a $1.45bn deal to acquire Capco, a UK-based digital transformation consultant for the financial services industry.