So what is Compelo?

About Compelo – What is Compelo?

Compelo is a global organisation specialising in publishing and intelligence. Applying the authority of its 75 world-leading content sources, Compelo educates, informs and influences businesses and communities across the globe. Compelo disseminates the knowledge and pioneering insight from our industry leading analysts and editors across a diverse and growing readership.

With a portfolio that includes print, digital, mobile, social and event channels, our content expertise, combined with a data driven approach, ensures that our international audience of over 20 million is highly engaged.

Publications include the New Statesman, Elite Traveler, Spears and new brand

What is site is a business and lifestyle publication specialising in leadership and luxury. From an interviews with Sadiq Khan, Bella Hadid and Piers Morgan, to a features with one of the biggest YouTube channels in the country, SORTEDfood, about dining – we have a range of exciting and unique content. We offer content that you, quite simply, won’t find anywhere else.

The team create daily content around business and lifestyle. From news from the world’s technology leaders such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, to lifestyle features such as the best restaurants to visit whilst on a trip to New York, we have you covered. In both areas of your life – work and play.

Our expert editors across various sectors, including energy, packaging, automotive and luxury, also inform our editorial.

Who are our audience?

Our content inspires and educates a global audience of business decision-makers, investors, CEOs and high-net worth individuals. In their down time they enjoy travel, fine dining, style and all things luxury. If you are interested in speaking to this audience, do get in touch with

How can you find out more about Compelo?

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