Take a look at these types of leadership and get the best out of your employees.

Should you be a good cop or bad cop at work? Managing employees is never easy, but here’s a closer look at types of leadership and their effectiveness.

Autocratic Leadership

This leadership style is all about the boss. Autocratic leaders make decisions without consulting others and expect swift implication of desires.

We’ve all worked under a boss like this, and statistically it’s pretty ineffective. Generally speaking, autocratic leadership creates an environment with little or no flexibility.

Democratic Leadership

Uniquely, this leadership style nurtures communication both upward and downward. Work is commonly delegated and employees at all levels are involved in decision making.

Research suggests that this is one of the most preferred types of leadership. Workplaces under a democratic leader are deemed creative and fair.

Transformational Leadership

The clue is in the title – transformational leadership is all about initiating change. This leadership style focusses on motivating employees to achieve challenging expectations.

Transformational leaders are often popular and have satisfied employees. Their workplaces are exciting and staff feel empowered to achieve great things.

Team Leadership

Although this leadership style may sound appealing, it’s largely ineffective. The idea is that all employees work towards a common goal or vision.

With eyes on the future, staff are supposed to have a mutual sense of purpose. However, team leadership often collapses because of poor shared leadership qualities.

Facilitative Leadership

Of the types of leadership, this choice is results focussed. The leader stands back and provides only gentle encouragement when employees meet or exceed expectations.

Facilitative leaders apply more pressure and guidance when targets are not met. These leaders acts as more of a ‘watchful eye’ as opposed to a hands-on boss.

Laissez-faire Leadership

These leaders give authority entirely to employees. Departments are encouraged to work independently and with minimal interference.

Unsurprisingly, of types of leadership this style is deemed the least satisfying and ineffective.

Types of leadership