The collaboration will allow Telefonica to consolidate its mission-critical systems in a single platform, thereby helping it to reduce operational costs


Telefonica will migrate its databases to Oracle Exadata@Cloud Customer. (Credit: Oracle)

Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica España has entered into a multi-year partnership with Oracle to move its databases to the cloud.

Apart from helping in speeding up the telecom company’s cloud adoption, the collaboration is expected to support the development of new communication services for consumers and businesses.

By moving a significant part of its Oracle Database systems to the cloud, Telefonica will be able to build a dedicated cloud platform on-premises to support the delivery of new services.

As part of the partnership, the company will migrate its databases to Oracle Exadata@Cloud Customer to consolidate its mission-critical operational and commercial systems, including its BSS and OSS platforms and applications, business intelligence systems, CRM, billing and revenue management.

Provided as a managed cloud service in Telefonica’s own data centres, Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer is an on-premises deployment option of Oracle Exadata Cloud Service.

The solution is expected to allow Telefonica to consolidate mission-critical systems in a single platform, thereby helping it to reduce operational costs.

Telefonica España technologies and IT transformation director Fidel Jesús Fernández said: “Digitalisation and connectivity are reshaping how we work and live, and Telefonica is transforming its business to support our customers in this new world.

“As we tap into these new opportunities, we need to consolidate and simplify our technology infrastructure to make us nimbler, more agile and more adaptable, and this is where our collaboration with Oracle comes in.

“Oracle Cloud@Customer provides us with the flexibility we need to build a robust, extensible cloud platform in our own data centres that is scalable and elastic to meet the changing needs of our business.”

Oracle is expected to help Telefonica to integrate data across its operations, by offering a secure, highly available platform based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Telefonica’s collaboration with Oracle is part of its multi-year initiative to consolidate the technology infrastructure that supports its communications network into a shared, open-standard platform.

According to the company, the platform is designed at supporting its growing digital services portfolio, including new services around the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G, and services co-hosted with ISVs and network partners.