The solution enables the companies to shift to subscription-based order-to-cash processes for physical and digital content


The solution allows media firms to move away from traditional one-off selling model. (Credit: Tata Consultancy Services Limited.)

Indian IT services company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has rolled out a cloud-based Intelligent Subscription solution for media companies to improve customer experience and increase revenue.

The solution, which leverages SAP Business Technology Platform, is developed for the media and publishing industry to move away from the traditional one-off selling model.

It allows the industry to adopt subscription-based order-to-cash processes for physical and digital content.

TCS has developed the solution to enable enterprises to adopt customer-centric experience models, which are being driven by consumer demand for flexible pay per use or time-bound subscription options.

The solution helps media companies to increase cross-selling or up-selling to consumers for enhanced revenue growth and improved engagement.

In addition, it is expected to lessen the total cost of ownership of legacy applications for companies in the media and publishing industry.

TCS enterprise application service global head Akhilesh Tiwari said: “TCS’ Intelligent Subscription solution leverages our contextual knowledge in the media and publishing industry and our deep expertise in evolving innovative business models, to help organizations reimagine their business, enhance customer experience and unlock continuous business value.”

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, the company’s Intelligent Subscription solution allows the personalisation of content curation.

With the new solution, media companies will also be able to offer recommendations based on user profiles, preferences, and past subscriptions.

The solution serves as a single-source platform for digital and physical content, enabling enterprises to bundle their offerings to deliver enhanced value to end consumers.

According to TCS, the solution is also designed for enterprises across industries to deploy new subscription or consumption-based business models on a single, automated platform.

In March this year, the company launched an RDK-based solution for media and communication service providers to provide enhanced connected consumer experiences.

The TCS Connected Consumer Home solution is designed to help build a rich and consistent customer experience across apps, devices and channels.