The solution allows all workflow data to be available in one place to reduce time for analysis and speed up decision-making


The solution helps in minimising the time for data transfers between applications. (Credit: IBM)

Oilfield services firm Schlumberger and IBM have unveiled a commercial hybrid cloud enterprise data management solution for energy operators.

The solution is developed for the OSDU data platform, an open-source, standards-based and technology-agnostic data platform for the energy industry.

By providing full interoperability, the hybrid cloud data offering enables easy sharing of information between teams.

For energy operators, the solution facilitates data accessibility by any application within their exploration to production (E&P) environment through the OSDU common data standard.

In addition, the hybrid cloud solution is designed to expand access to customers located in regions where data residency requirements and local regulations may affect the use of the global public cloud.

Schlumberger digital and integration president Rajeev Sonthalia said: “As momentum grows for the OSDU Data Platform, we are offering the industry’s first commercial hybrid cloud Enterprise Data Management Solution to leverage its advanced capabilities to help customers in all regions make faster decisions and optimize operational efficiency.”

The new solution allows all workflow data to be available in one place to reduce the time for analysis and accelerate decision-making.

It is also said to help in reducing costs by minimising the time for data transfers between applications.

The hybrid cloud enterprise data management solution will be offered by Schlumberger, while all transition and managed services will be provided by IBM Services and Schlumberger.

It builds on the work carried out by the IBM and Schlumberger partnership to leverage the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for the deployment of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment in all regions.

In September last year, Schlumberger, IBM and Red Hat, have announced a partnership to speed up digital transformation across the oil and gas industry.

Leveraging IBM’s hybrid cloud technology, built on the Red Hat OpenShift container platform, the collaboration aims to offer global access to Schlumberger’s E&P cloud-based environment and cognitive application.

Sonthalia said: “Our solution was developed to accelerate digitalization for all by enabling data to be connected and managed at an unprecedented scale, empowering AI and data analytics workflows that deliver new insights for operators to help drive increased production, cost optimisation, and improved business performance.”