The partnership will focus on helping to speed up the development and roll out of 5G network infrastructure and services in Vietnam and globally


Qualcomm announces partnership with Viettel for developing 5G infrastructure. Credit: Linhcandng (thảo luận)/Wikimedia Commons.

Qualcomm Technologies is set to partner with Viettel Group, a Vietnamese telecommunications company, to build a next-generation 5G radio unit (RU) with massive MIMO capabilities and distributed units (DUs).

The collaboration will focus on helping to expedite the development and roll-out of 5G network infrastructure and services in Vietnam and around the world.

Qualcomm said that its X100 5G RAN Accelerator Card and Massive MIMO Qualcomm QRU100 5G RAN Platform will be combined with the advanced hardware and software systems of Viettel High Technology, a subsidiary of Viettel Group.

The combination is expected to help the Vietnamese telecom firm speed up the development and commercialisation of high-performance Open RAN massive MIMO solutions, streamline network deployment, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Viettel High Technology general director Nguyen Vu Ha said: “Viettel has been a pioneer in adopting new telecommunications technologies including 5G. We are delighted to have Qualcomm Technologies as a key technology provider in our 5G gNodeB project.

“This collaboration between Qualcomm Technologies and Viettel Group will be the cornerstone of Vietnam’s national strategy for Made in Vietnam 5G infrastructure.”

According to Qualcomm, the partnership will help advance the cellular ecosystem and accelerate the innovation cycle.

This is expected to be achieved by combining the Vietnamese firm’s expertise in telecommunications infrastructure development with Qualcomm’s capability in building high performance and low power application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) 5G solutions for device and infrastructure products.

Qualcomm senior vice president and cellular modems and infrastructure general manager Durga Malladi said: “Qualcomm Technologies, as a global technology leader in 5G, is looking forward to collaborating with Viettel for the development of Open RAN solutions that will establish the foundation for Vietnam’s next-generation of wireless networks.

“This collaboration will demonstrate the scalability of Qualcomm Technologies’ horizontal platform for vertical integration in the ORAN infrastructure ecosystem and we are pleased to offer high performance, power-efficient Modem-RF technology that supports the performance demands needed to bring rapid speeds and expanded use cases of 5G networks to consumers.”

Earlier this year, Qualcomm joined forces with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to deliver the next-generation 5G virtualised distributed unit (vDU) solutions, powered by the Qualcomm X100 5G RAN inline accelerator card.