The pizza delivery firm plans to migrate its data centres to Google Cloud to meet a surge in demand for online ordering and delivery


A Papa John's takeout and delivery location, located in Front Royal, Virginia. (Credit: Fatlouie/

US-based pizza delivery company Papa John’s International has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to speed up its digital transformation.

Under the expanded partnership, the firm will leverage Google Cloud’s data technologies for real-time insights and enable data-driven applications.

The expanded partnership is part of the company’s multi-phase strategy to optimise application engineering, business operations and customer experiences.

To meet the increase in demand for online ordering and delivery, Papa John’s intends to work with Google to migrate its data centres to Google Cloud.

As of April 2021, the company has more than 5,400 restaurants in 50 countries and territories.

Papa John’s also aims to lay a foundation for ongoing innovations and improvements to the customer experience, with the data centre migration to the cloud.

Papa John’s International chief technology officer Justin Falciola said: “Google Cloud continues to be a strategic and trusted partner in supporting our best-in-class digital platforms, particularly as we’ve experienced tremendous growth in consumer demand over the past year.

“As one of the largest pizza delivery brands in the world, innovative technology is an essential component of our business model, allowing us to create great customer experiences and increase efficiencies throughout our restaurant operations.

“Migrating and transforming our infrastructure capabilities to Google Cloud will increase our speed to value for Papa John’s digital, restaurant, and corporate solutions, ultimately delivering the best experience for our customers and our team members.”

Currently, Papa John’s leverages several key Google Cloud technologies to develop its loyalty programme, multi-channel marketing platform, eCommerce, in-store, and various other customer touchpoints.

The technologies used by the company include Cloud SQL, Bigtable and BigQuery, as well as Cloud Functions, Firestore and Kubernetes Engine.

To benefit from Google’s ability to connect geospatial data with enterprise and customer data, Papa John’s has also moved its mapping system onto Google Maps Platform.