Oracle Cloud Paris region will offer all the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services for supporting clients’ regulatory compliance needs


Oracle Cloud Paris is the second cloud region of Oracle in France. (Credit: Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine / Wikimedia Commons)

Oracle has opened its second cloud region in France, dubbed Oracle Cloud Paris, for providing public cloud services to help businesses in modernising their operations.

Located in La Courneuve, Paris, the new region will give the company’s customers and partners in Europe access to a huge cloud services portfolio with built-in security, disaster recovery, and price-performance.

Poclain Hydraulics Industrie data and IT service delivery head Francois Delys said: “The opening of the Paris region provides us with disaster recovery in France, with a data centre near Poclain’s headquarters that will guarantee excellent latency, and a site in Marseille that will duplicate the infrastructure.”

Oracle opened its first cloud region called Oracle Cloud Marseille region in France in November 2021.

The company claimed that its dual-region cloud strategy will help its French customers in deploying resilient applications in various geographical locations in-country.

Oracle France general manager Christophe Negrier said: “Organisations have reached a critical milestone in how they deploy data for strategic planning and operations.

“Oracle is helping customers realise their cloud-first strategy to grow faster, become more sustainable, and increase their security posture with Oracle’s two cloud regions in France and 38 cloud regions worldwide.”

The company stated that all the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services will be offered by the Oracle Cloud Paris region for supporting regulatory compliance needs.

The services that are available are Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes.

Oracle Cloud Paris Region joins more than 10 European regions of the company, which are located in Marseille, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zürich, Stockholm, Milan, and Newport (Wales).

In December 2021, Oracle opened cloud regions in Italy and Sweden to serve private and public sector organisations by supporting their increasing cloud computing demands. The Italian and Swedish regions are dubbed Oracle Cloud Milan and Oracle Cloud Stockholm, respectively.

Oracle is set to open a cloud region in Madrid later this year. Overall, the company aims to offer at least 44 cloud regions by the end of this year.